Word Lens Offers Real-Time Translations For iPhone Users

There are plenty of iPhone apps out there that will translate languages for you, but there is nothing like Word Lens.

Introduced into Apples App Store Thursday, Word Lens is a real-time translator application. Simply point your video camera at what you want to translate and Word Lens will translate it in real time. The application will only work on printed text, it will not work on handwriting or stylized fonts.

There are 2 free features in the application: Reverse Words and Erase Words. With reverse words, point your iPhone at a word and Word Lens will spell it backwards. Erase words simply blurs out words. There is also an option to look up translations by typing words into the app’s dictionary.


This is the perfect app if you are traveling. One of the great features about Word Lens is it does not require an internet connection to function.

The application itself is free, but The Spanish to English function or English to Spanish function costs $4.99 each to download as part of a 50 percent off sale that ends December 31.

Word Lens works with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod touch with a video camera. Other languages are in the works according to Quest Visual.

Check out the demo below, it is quite impressive!