Why Should You Use a Baby Movement Monitor ?

Your baby is the most precious member of your family, and to ensure his or her safety no number of precautions are enough.

At night, all parents are a little scared about not being able to supervise their babies at regular intervals. Many fears haunt them as they cannot imagine what might happen even due to a minute of negligence.

baby video monitor

Baby monitors, hence, have gained immense popularity in the market as they help parents get some peace of mind. There are three main types of monitor – namely audio, video and movement. All of these are beneficial in their own way. While audio monitors are a good investment, parents prefer to invest in video monitors as they have more benefits.

On the other hand, baby movement monitor is the new fad and most parents are satisfied with this invention. They are responsible for tracking your baby’s slightest of movements while they sleep and alert you to any discrepancy right away with a loud noise which will definitely wake you up so you can handle the situation.

The Top 4 Advantages of Baby Movement Monitors:

What is it that makes baby movement monitors tick? Except the fact that it helps keep your babies more secure – as you know just what they are up to no matter where they are, you have certain distinct advantages.

Baby movement monitors come with a number of benefits; here are a few of them.

1. Easy to Use:

easy to use monitor

A baby movement monitor comprises a baby unit and sensor pads. For the guardians, there is a separate parent receiver unit.

When your baby is asleep, you need to lay him or her on the sensor pads. Some monitors have only one sensor pad, while others can have more. Irrespective of the number, the pads track the baby’s movements all night. Not even the smallest movements escape its notice. If the baby remains still for 20 seconds or more, the alarm will go off alerting the parents immediately. To ensure this process works smoothly, you just need to remember to switch the monitor on every night before going to sleep.

2. Multifaceted Monitor:

Multifaceted monitorBaby monitors are always multi-functional, keeping an overall check on your baby when you are not around. Baby movement monitors can also record and monitor temperature, breathing rates, and the heart rate so you can gauge your baby’s health based on complete data.

Some monitors are capable of transmitting video which allows you one extra layer of protection and also helps you avoid waking your baby up unnecessarily because of a false alarm. You just need to find a baby movement monitor to suit all your needs. If you are especially anxious, the video monitor with movement detector may be best.

3. Helps Parents Get Some Precious Sleep:

Helps parents get some precious sleep

Being protective of your baby is the most natural instinct of any parent. However, unless parents get adequate sleep, they may not be capable of functioning fully the next day. This is especially true for working parents who need to get as much sleep as they can for doing their job properly.

It can be difficult to fall asleep in peace knowing that your baby is unguarded. That is why a baby movement monitor is so helpful. It allows the parents to close their eyes for some time knowing there is an alarm ready to go off in case of a problem. Sometimes, parents spend the entire night checking on their baby physically which spoils the sleeping pattern. The video monitor will reassure you every hour, and this will also help your baby get uninterrupted sleep.

4. Can Be a Life-Saver:

Can be a life-saver

The alarm rings loud and clear so there is no chance of it being unheard by the parents. The baby movement monitor is especially helpful for parents who are worried about their baby suffering from a disease. Long breathing pauses are symptoms of sleep apnea and SIDS, and that is why the alarm goes off if it senses no movement in the baby for 20 seconds. This helps in easy detection and allows more time to be devoted to treatment. It is quite an efficient supervisor to appoint if you are worried about sleep apnea affecting your baby.

What should you take care of?

Some parents face a recurring problem of the alarm going off unnecessarily sometimes waking the entire family up, including the baby. This might be because the baby has rolled off the pads or the batteries are malfunctioning. However, top brands are working to eliminate this problem. You can fine-tune the sensitivity settings to reduce the odds of a false alarm.

A baby movement monitor can change your life for the better. So what are you waiting for?

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