Whistle-Blower to Give Secrets of The Rich and Famous to Wikileaks

A Swiss whistle-blower is to give the “offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous” to WikiLeaks, the web site whose mission is to expose secrets stated.

Rudolf Elmer, who defines himself as an activist-reformer-banker, is due to give the papers at a press conference in London Monday.

Elmer has details of 2,000 “high net worth individuals” and corporations, per the Observer.

The individuals and companies involved in the leak have been using secrecy as a screen to hide behind in order to avoid paying taxes, Elmer. He told the Observer that about 40 politicians were included in the list.

The names will not be made public, the Observer said. A shorter list of clients that Elmer gave to WikiLeaks in 2008 was seen by the Guardian, and by the US Internal Revenue Service, but has not been published online.

Elmer, after the press conference will return to Switzerland from exile in Mauritius to face trial. He is a former chief operating officer in the Cayman Islands, and employee of the powerful Julius Baer bank, which accuses him of stealing the information.