Twitter Re-Designs Its Web Site

Twitter has re-designed its web site for the first time in 4 years. The goal is to bring more users on-board, and have them stay longer while Twitter competes for advertising dollars like Facebook and Google.

The re-design will happen over the next several weeks. It’s directed at making the web site easier/faster to use, provide more relevant content to users, executives explained in a news conference at Twitter’s San Francisco head-quarters.

Users will get “more out of Twitter in a lot less time,” Company Chief Executive Evan Williams.

A big change is the Twitter web site giving two panes instead of a single time-line of updates. Scroll through the time-line in the left pane without clicking back/forth to see more information about updates or their authors.

The re-designed web site will give users more information about authors of Tweets. Twitter messages can be no longer than 140 characters.

Conversations between users will be viewed, photos too and videos referenced with the re-designed Twitter.

Deals have been made with YouTube, Flickr and other photo/video web sites, Twitter executives announced.

The executives, at the 250 employee company, pinned their efforts on making the Twitter experience simpler and better.

“This is a complete revamp,” Williams said.