Turkish UFO Video to Be Shown in The UK

This years International UFO Conference hosted by UFO DATA MAGAZINE on October 25th & 26th will see the release of some remarkable new UFO footage from Turkey.

Between the months of May to September 2008 UFO sightings were reported right across Turkey. Residents of the Kumburgaz/Yeni Kent Compound of Istanbul also witnessed these same UFO sightings and they were caught on video camera by night security guard Yalcin Yalman.

International UFO researcher Mr Haktan Akdogan from Turkey will be presenting these astonishing video film images at the UFO DATA Magazine International UFO Conference for the very first time. Speaking recently Mr Akdogan had this to say about these UFO video films: “We have spoken with all of the witnesses and had detailed analysis conducted on all two and half hours of footage. After conducting all of the analysis we came to the conclusion that this video footage is 100% genuine.

The objects filmed are structured objects and are not the result of misidentification of natural phenomena, aircraft or astronomical objects. They are not the results either of any kind of computer animation. Now is it a time for the world governments to acknowledge the reality of UFOs” Mr Akdogan went on to say: “The images captured on film are expected to have a tremendous impact throughout the world and they are the most important UFO images ever caught on camera.”

UFO video images in question can be viewed on the UFO Data Magazine web site www.ufodata.co.uk

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