Top 5 Android Apps to Transfer Files From Android to PC at Lighting Speeds

File transfer is very popular these days because of the various media that carry information in formats for pictures, audios and videos. More than often, you will need to transfer files between android gadgets and even a PC. The applications make life better since you can still use your device while the app runs in the background.

Currently, there are uncountable file transfer apps in the Google play store. Thanks to technology advancement, it has enabled compatibility in transferring files and apps from android devices to PC, Mac, Windows and other devices.

With these listed applications, sharing files, documents are made easy and less consuming. Below are android apps that transfer files at lightning speeds:

ES file explorer

As the name suggests the app is a file manager but also comes with file transfer functionalities.

That means you will need 2 separate apps on your android device for the 2 separate functions. ES file explorer is among the best android apps to transfer files because of multipurpose capabilities. The app is created in a way one can transfer files from their android device to their computer so long the devices are connected to the same network. Transfer security restrictions are altered in computer settings and everything happens in no time. In addition, this app has an appealing user interface that is easy to use.

android apps to transfer files.
Android Apps to Transfer Files.


If you want an app, that is solely a file transfer program then mobizen is what you have been looking for.

An android device is connected to a PC and the file transfer can go either way depending on where the files are using this application. You can almost mirror your android device and control it from your computer. However, that part of the app is not as effective as the transfer speeds and capabilities. Nevertheless, you will be able to transfer files between multiple devices, as you would like. Mobizen has a very friendly interface that makes the app easy to use.


This is indisputably the best file sharing platform on android. The application is multi-platform, meaning it works well with almost all operating systems (iOS, Windows and Linux) and is 200 times faster than blue-tooth. Other people can also join the portal and transfer files no matter the format across many devices.

SHAREit has over 2,000,000 downloads and the popularity is based on superiority in performance and ease of use. Another awesome feature is the clone it that allows you replicate files including messages from your old device to your new device. The latest PC version of SHAREit has fixed bugs of the predecessor app, improved language support and also can be used in horizontal screen display without any issues even on a tablet.


This is one of the most popular android apps to transfer files. AirDroid is very effective and fast plus your device and computer do not need to be on a common network for the transfer of files to take place.

This app allows access of the android device and you can reply to messages of the messaging application, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. If you are looking for a great way to transfer files from your android device to your PC and vice versa try AirDroid.

Wi-Fi File Transfer

This is another great app for file sharing over a network. Uploading and downloading of files between your PC and android device is done on Wi-Fi network, which could be existing or created by either of your devices. Wi-Fi File Transfer allows downloading and uploading of multiple files at the same time and the app can run as a background service. Again, the app also allows access of external storage media files and the security features are optional and very easy to set up.

Apps To Transfer Files

All these apps allow you to send files from your PC to your android device and vice versa without using any physical connections like USB cables. Depending on your specific transfer method and even the type of files you transfer, you should be able to easily determine which app will serve you best. Now you are more informed so do not sweat if you do not have a cable nearby, simply download and install one of the apps and you will be good to go!

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