The Impact of Technology on Global Engineering Service Corporations

Modern technology encourages innovation and creation in corporations. Many businesses have integrated technology in their processes as this helps increase production, while ensuring easy access to information from anywhere in the world. Like many organizations, global engineering service corporations use technology to work easily across various time zones and political boundaries, as well as across different cultures and languages.

Impact of Technology On Organizational Performance

One can identify the impact of technology on corporations by examining their main and enabling technologies, as well as the line of communication in the organization, organizational structures, plans, and policies. In almost all global engineering service corporations, the main pillar of technology is the secure corporate Internet and email communication system. Every corporation has unique procedures and processes as well as personalized uses of the various databases that differentiate it from the others. The following points should illustrate the impact of technology on global engineering service corporations.

  1. Standardizes Business Practices

Global Engineering corporations operate numerous branches from across the world. If not for technology, the business practices would differ across multiple offices. Technology helps to standardize the functioning of the business in terms of policies, plans, and practices.

  1. Technology Boosts Innovation

Peter Drucker’s emphasis on innovation reflects in his saying that innovation is ‘change that creates a new dimension of performance.’ Core technologies in global engineering corporations help to address innovation, while maximizing the benefits of technology at the same time.

  1. Role in Organizational Structure

In the book ‘Organizations and Organizing: Rational, Natural, and Open System Perspectives,’ Gerald F. Davis and William Richard Scott have described Global Engineering Service corporations as a dual hierarchical matrix structure – both of functional and project criteria. Employees working in diverse functional departments need to have coordination from employees working in a different branch. In such a scenario, every employee is assigned unique access to their company’s intranet system. The intranet is now being viewed as a core technological tool by many global engineering service corporations and has immense benefits in managing the organizational structure.

  1. Technology Helps to Adapt to Dynamic Changes

Global service engineering service firms also build alliances with technical companies so as to stay ahead of the market while focusing on their core service. This move helps companies to adapt to dynamic changes in technologies while staying ahead in the industry.

  1. Organization Transformation

Technology plays a very important role in reinforcing a corporation’s rules about information-sharing, idea-sharing, documentation, and so on. Global engineering service corporations also use technologies to process information electronically, as well as to establish lateral communities in the company itself. IT helps to reduce any kind of chaos and helps to create new opportunities to build & maintain virtual teams.

Technology has indeed revolutionized the way corporations conduct business. Email web servers, websites, mobile applications, digital products, and other related technologies help global engineering corporations gain a competitive advantage in the economic marketplace. The use of EDI facilitates free flow of information via Information Technology. Global engineering service corporations need to tap these breakthroughs in science, which will in turn help in automation of processes, storing information and result in an enormous increase in revenue.

Impact of Technology on Global Engineering Service Corporations - graphic.
Technology impacts Global Engineering Service Corporations.
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