The Earthquake Machine Really Exists: HAARP Project

Ever since the beginning of civilization, people have tried many methods to try to control the weather. Archaeological evidence shows that many ancient civilizations worshipped gods that were in control of various aspects of the weather. The Egyptians believed that their god, Set, controlled cloudy weather, the god Zeus controlled rain and thunder as well.

Most civilizations believed that there was some way to call on their deities to affect the weather patterns to be beneficial to their people. While these methods would sometimes work (whether by divine control or coincidence), they were never able to change weather patterns exactly how they wanted, at the precise time they wanted it.

With divine intervention aside, is there a scientific way that humans could change weather patterns to suit their needs at the time that they need it? A project called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project’ abbreviated as HAARP. The project is set to research the possibilities made available to humans in an attempt to control weather, destroy satellites and various other military installations, and ultimately to change the capacity of communication and surveillance systems.

The HAARP project was started in 1993 and is funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Researched Projects Agency or DARPA. The HAARP site consists of 180 antenna units to create an effective radiated power of 3,981MW.

To put this in perspective, a house’s power consumption is measured in the number of kilowatts used in one hour, also written as kWh. With this notation, the equivalent of 3,981MW in kilowatts is 3,981,000 kilowatts! Needless to say, this is an extremely high powered signal that the HAARP site can produce.

What can this power do for a country? Well let’s get some more details. The HAARP site broadcasts in the frequency range of 2.8 and 10 MHz which falls in the range above AM radio’s allocation of 540kHz to 1600kHz, yet still under the Citizen’s Band frequency of 26 ” 27MHz. HAARP has been speculated to be able to discover areas where oil, gold, and other resources are located by using a resonating frequency that the resource is known to have, shot into the earth to determine the location of these resources.

Of course, with HAARP’s power and frequency range, one of the main reasons for the HAARP project is to alter the performance of surveillance and communications systems. The HAARP instillation shoots frequencies into the ionosphere to temporarily remove the protective layer of the atmosphere in small areas that allows the sun’s solar winds to penetrate through the ?hole’ that is poked in the ionosphere by the HAARP installation.

With the power to change the face of the earth’s atmosphere, there is a potential to affect the weather, destroy instillations on the ground, destroy orbiting satellites, and there’s even been a proposition of mind control at the right frequency and power. Also, with HAARP able to beam frequencies at extremely intense power may even have the potential to create disturbances in the earth’s stability. With the example of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse in 1940 due to the wind that hit the resonating frequency of the bridge, ultimately resulting in an earthquake-like effect before the bridge was completely destroyed.

If the wind can get to the frequency required to cause an earthquake effect on a bridge, imagine what a controlled frequency at extremely high powers could potentially cause if it were to hit the resonating frequency of certain elements in the earth.

The wind’s effect on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was an example of the catastrophic effects possible when the correct frequency was hit, even without much energy. Knowing the resonating frequency of the earth’s components could then potentially be used as a weapon that may cause an earthquake, not due to the normal shifts of the earth’s tectonic plates, but rather due to the earth’s resonation from a high powered, adjustable antenna installation.

With power like this, there is definitely some ethical question it brings up. Should men try to play the role of a god and alter the factors of the earth that man has never been able to take control of? If it can produce an earthquake, would it be ethical to use it where there could be innocent people affected by the quake’s catastrophic movements? These are just a few of the questions that may be more than we can answer with any certainty but should definitely be considered if an installation like this can harvest such incredible power.

HAARP is showing lots of promise to help many people by being able to give rain when needed, find resources that could help bring prosperity to a country and many other potentially beneficial applications. However, as Lord Acton is remembered to have said Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Is the world ready for an installation of this power? Can men handle a tool of this magnitude? I suppose only time can tell, but this is a testament as to how our civilization is progressing, and what tools and super weapons are being developed.

George Gildersleeve is a talented and inspiring young writer. He graduated from Wade Hampton High School. Sadly, George passed away in 2012 due to Neurofibromatosis Type 2. Through it all he kept his wry sense of humor.