Technology News For The Week – Scares And Donations

This week brought big news from the technology sector. Some of the news was good, but other headlines were downright horrifying. Over the past few years, smartphones have gotten very dangerous. They’re catching on fire much more frequently than most consumers realize. This was evident this week when an iPhone caused a school to be evacuated. The event took placed on Wednesday at the Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. The school’s superintendent explained that nobody was injured. She explained that an external battery pack for an iPhone began smoking.

A student was apparently strolling down the hallway of the school when the battery attached to her iPhone began smoking. Local police and the fire department were called to the school a little after 10 AM. The school is located on George Street, so it didn’t take too long for authorities to arrive. The school was evacuated for 30 to 40 minutes before students and staff were allowed to return. Also this week, it was announced that a woman in Detroit experienced a horrible accident when her Samsung caught on fire.

That fire eventually went on to destroy her vehicle. The woman explained that her Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S4 were sitting her the cupholder of her car on May the 21st. One of the phones sparked resulting in a terrible fire. The woman managed to pull to the side of the road before escaping the vehicle. A short time later, the vehicle was engulfed by flames. The company has maintained her anonymity thus far. Nevertheless, the Detroit Fire Department has verified the woman’s claims. Such an incident has never happened with the products sold by Friske Drag.

The woman has already hired an attorney by the name of Gerald Thurswell. The attorney has gotten in touch with Samsung. The company has already dispatched a crew to the scene to analyze the remains. Samsung and Apple have both had troubles with smartphones and fires. Just last year, Samsung was forced to recall its Galaxy Note 7 phone twice, due to battery fires. At one point, these phones were even banned on airplanes. Consumers need to be very cautious about the phones that they use. Otherwise, they may experience a similar problem in the future.

Many American newspapers have blamed their decreased classified ads revenue on Craigslist, a website devoted to classified advertisements. Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, disputed this claim, saying that newspapers begin losing revenue and circulation long before his website was launched in 1995.

Newmark donated $20 million to City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism, according to the New York Times. This donation prompted the institution to change its name to Craig Newmark Graduate School Journalism at the City University of New York.

Newark has a history of making major donations to institutions and organizations devoted to journalism, including the Sunlight Foundation, Society Research Institute, the Columbia Journalism Review and ProPublica, a nonprofit organization that operates an online news website. The donation will definitely be a blessing for up and coming journalism studies.

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