Tech-Rewind Volume 1

I will be writing a weekly article recapping stories and announcements in technology that I feel are important to geeks and consumers alike that happened throughout week, accompanied with my thoughts and input on the subject as well. So let’s get started!

1. iPad: 2 Days Since Its Release; 2 Major Flaws

Within 2 days several iPad owners have reported issues with their Wifi signal dropping or being very weak while other devices on the same network are working fine, and that the iPad is overheating if using it outside for longer than 10 minutes. These are pretty significant issues considering that you need Wifi (unless you have the 3G version) to be able to download apps, access email, and access online content. I want to be able to take my iPad all over the house and use it, not sit next to my router. Hopefully this is something that a software update can fix, and let’s hope it isn’t a problem with the antenna design of the product. I don’t think however that a software update will fix the overheating issue. One selling point of the iPad is portability. It’s only April. If you can’t take the iPad outside when it’s in the 70’s for longer than 10 minutes, then why have a portable device? I think Apple rushed this product and did not do enough testing. This is always a risk when buying a first generation device.

2. Myspace Planning To Roll Out Facebook Connect ASAP (Or Not)

According to this article, if this does happen, a Myspace user would be able to share content from their Myspace account to their Facebook account. Even though it would appear by this action that Myspace is waving the white flag at Facebook, it may regain some of its traffic. A lot of Myspace users have migrated over to Facebook and have not looked back. If a user can link content back to their Facebook account though, it may bring some users back to using Myspace. Myspace does have video content Facebook does not have. I will post a follow up on this when more information comes out.

3. Kindle coming to Target on April 25?

Will Target carry the Kindle? Engadget was told the in-store date is April 25th and has a picture of a hand-held inventory tracker from Target listing the Kindle. Last year I considered getting a Kindle but wanted to be able to try it out first. Consumers like to touch things, and have it right then. With the Kindle only being available online, a consumer couldn’t hold it, and play with the features. Also if you bought one, you had to wait for it to be shipped to you. With the iPad, Sony e-Readers, and the Nook, they are available in stores to try out and purchase on location. During the 2009 Christmas season, a lot of stores including Wal-Mart, Target, Borders, and Best Buy had Sony e-Readers on display and available to purchase. Some Barnes and Noble locations had the Nook on display and available to purchase. I believe this will increase the Kindles sales some, but not as much now that the Apple iPad is out. If Amazon would have made this marketing move during the holiday season last year, I think they would have sold a lot more units than they will now. I don’t have an iPad yet, but I may go to Target and play with a Kindle since the price is more reasonable at $259.

4. Nook Coming To Best Buy April 18th?

Several sources are reporting that Best Buy will start carrying the Nook on April 18th. I think this is a smart move for Barnes and Noble. Not everyone has a Barnes and Noble near them. The closest one from me is 3 hours away. So by the end of April all of the major eBook readers will be available at major outlets. I still think though as I mentioned above, they would have sold more units if they did this before the iPad was released. The Nook also like the Kindle sells for $259.

5. Google Voice Desktop Client Rumors

Rumors are out that Google is internally testing a Google Voice Desktop Application. It’s something that’s been expected since Google acquired Gizmo5, a voice-over-IP calling service. You would be able to receive and make calls from your desktop.

Google Voice is a telecommunications service by Google launched on March 11, 2009. The service is provided to a U.S. phone number, chosen by the user from available numbers in selected area codes, free of charge to each user account. Inbound calls to this number are forwarded to other phone numbers of the subscriber. Outbound calls may be placed to domestic and international destinations by dialing the Google Voice number or from a web-based application.[2] Inbound and outbound calls to U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada are free of charge.

If Google continued to offer this service without a charge, and with a desktop client, I think it Skype would lose some of their subscribers. With Skype, you can call other Skype subscribers for free, but to call someone without a Skype account, you have to pay a fee. I’m going out on a limb here, but if consumers utilize this service, they could possibly get rid of their home phone service or choose a lower tier cell phone plan with less minutes from their provider and save some money. This is something I would definitely use if it continues to be free.

6. Rumor: New Mac Book Pros Coming?

Macworld Australia has heard from sources that new MacBook Pro models will be announced Tuesday, the 13th of April. Also Best Buy has removed the 15-inch model on its site so this could be a sign that the rumor is true.

7. iPhone OS 4 Announced

Probably the biggest tech news this week; April 8th, Apple announced the iPhone OS 4.0 introducing features including the ability to create folders, enhanced email, iBooks, new enterprise features, a social gaming network, a new ad platform, the ability of creating playlists, 5x digital zoom, tap to focus on video, gift apps, geo-tagging places in the photo app, changing the home screen wallpaper, blue tooth keyboards, spell checker, and the most requested feature from owners, multitasking. Check out the News Blaze article that goes in depth on some of these features.

iPhone owners seem very excited about the upcoming changes. The inability to run multiple apps at once has been a large complaint since the launch of the iPhone 3 years ago, but finally Apple is adding this feature. Don’t hold your breath for Adobe Flash though, when Steve Jobs was asked about Flash, he quickly said “no.” The release for OS 4.0 is this summer for the 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Generation, fall for the iPad.

That’s it this week for my round up of tech stories that I felt were news worthy. As long as News Blaze visitors are reading this article, I will continue to publish it every week. Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter to find out what other articles I am writing.