Tampa Microwave X Band ManPack Satellite Terminal Offers Battery Saving Feature

Satellite communications company, Tampa Microwave(TM) has completed verification tests of a significant battery life improvement feature. The company’s enhancement manages the power in its Manpack family of X, Ku and Ka band ultra portable satellite terminals.

The veteran-owned business specialized in satellite communication systems, microwave modules, satellite link simulators and carrier monitoring equipment.

Tampa Microwave cooperated with iDirect Government Systems, designing its terminals to implement a Transmitter Keyline feature.

One of Tampa Microwave’s terminals loaded with version 2.3 of iDirect’s modem software can now disable its transmitter until commanded by the iDirect e850MP modem to send a data packet. After completing packet transmission, the Transmitter Keyline feature puts the amplifier into standby mode, waiting for the next transmission.

This innovative change results in an doubling or tripling of battery life in the terminal. The new maximum battery life depends on the transmitter duty cycle.

All of Tampa Microwave’s TM-X850MP terminals use iDirect’s modem software V2.3, and have this capability.

The company says to implement this feature in all their terminals, the only change needed is the modem software upgrade.

“The modem software upgrade will take place automatically from configured hubs when the terminal is first logged into the network.”

The company noted that the TM-X850MP Manpack is intended for use with SKYNET, XTAR and WGS satellites, and the MIL-SPEC TM-X850MP manpack features an high level of integration and thermal management.

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