Russia Proudly Unveils New Passenger Plane MC-21

Russia Making A Name in Aviation Industry

With the aim to stay on top of the league as one of the best aircraft makers in the world and to be less dependent on Western planes, Russia presented a new medium-range passenger plane MC-21 in the Siberian city of Irkutsk.

The new twin-engine short and medium-range aircraft was built by Irkut Corporation. The country’s media said the new plane is poised to be superior compared to western planes. The introduction of the plane in the public also made a big hype.

According to Vladimir Valkov, vice president of Irkut Corporation said the plane is made of composite materials, making it one of the best plane in the world.

It is much lighter and stronger so it is a great step in the development of our aviation industry.”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ‘Proud of the New Passenger Plane

The country’s prime minister said he is elated by the new plane at a ceremony held at the factory in Siberia.

Medvedev described the plane as ‘cool’ and highlighted the importance for Russia to keep up its reputation as one of the best aircraft makers in the world.

I only want to say that I am absolutely certain that the airliner will be the pride of Russian civil aviation, and that our citizens and foreign people will take pleasure in flights on MC-21.” – Medvedev

Russian Passenger Plane MC-21
Russia’s Passenger Plane MC-21

Meet Russia’s Passenger Plane MC-21

The new plane is undergoing testing but is slated to enter serial production next year. The plane has two variants. One is called the MC-21-300, which will have 160-211 seats, and the MC-21-200 which will have 130-165 seats.

The plane is also beginning to gain popularity as some contracts with domestic and foreign carriers have already been agreed. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2018.

The new plane would be able to service routes of up to 6,400 kilometers (3976.78 miles).

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