Rosemount Techy, Austin Alexander Burridge, Reviews Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

2019 has seen the rise of smart speakers, digital assistants, and chatbots among several other salient changes. As voice search continues to grow to the point that it’s expected to attain a $40B market share by 2022, 2020 will bring us several other innovations to watch for.

Although based out of a humble suburb in Illinois, Rosemount, Austin Alexander Burridge has built a reputation as an innovative and passionate techy on the world stage. For the past several years he has dedicated much of his spare time to investigating and analyzing rising tech trends in various fields. Notably, Austin Burridge has a unique talent in easily breaking down technical knowledge in layman terms.

Below, Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount reviews innovative tech trends to watch for in 2020.

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5G Networks Coming to More US Cities

Most US carriers are still using 4G networks, but Sprint and T-Mobile, among others, launched 5G in select cities in 2019. The number of 5G coverage areas is expected to significantly grow in 2020 as data at the speed of light has become expected by most mobile users. 5G networks will not only provide faster speeds but even function with drones and driverless cars to lay the foundation for smart cities and the next major step in IoT.

Progressive Web Apps Edging Out Native Apps

While the app economy is still flourishing, it’s drastically changed from the early days of the App Store. Native apps can be challenging to find and present a significant investment in terms of updates and providing support. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are in-between mobile versions of websites and native apps where they have quick and reliable load speed but feel very similar to using a native app that responds quickly and intuitively to user interactions. Just like native apps, PWAs can also be added to a mobile home screen. Since people consume twice as much content on mobile devices than they do on computers today, 2020 will see more PWAs covering more ground.

Prescriptive Analytics Taking Hold

Analytics tools have primarily focused on predictive applications, such as predicting user behavior based on historical data on everything from sales cycles to user input on forms. Prescriptive analytics entails the types of tools that tell decision-makers how to make the most of the data presented by both descriptive and predictive analytics. While sharing many characteristics with predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics provides a more thorough understanding of changes that occurred since the historical data was recorded and how these changes can be used to their advantage.

AI Will Become More Accessible Via Subscription

The SaaS model has been replicated in various applications like disaster recovery, but AI services are entering the picture as well. Technology leaders are expecting to see AI become more accessible to people in 2020 by combining the SaaS model with new AI tools in areas like health and wellness, productivity management, dating, and more with AI-enabled specific tasks that would be available through a subscription model.

Bitcoin Remains Top Cryptocurrency as Blockchain Adoption Rises

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Dash and Ethereum took the world by the storm in recent years with financial and technology professionals believing they will be the future of money. With long-awaited guidance from tax authorities concerning crypto transactions and slow adoption of crypto wallets from retailers and users alike, cryptocurrency has picked up steam in the mainstream. However, Bitcoin has risen to the top again while alternative cryptocurrencies have mostly crashed. As blockchain applications are being put to use in data-sensitive fields like healthcare and financial management, it’s undeniable that whatever unfolds with Bitcoin in 2020 will spell the future for cryptocurrency as a whole.

As this list only scratches the surface, 2020 is slated to bring about several exciting new changes in technology that will be game-changing for large enterprises and individual users alike.

About Austin Alexander Burridge:

From an early age, Austin Alexander Burridge of Rosemount, Illinois enjoyed exploring the imaginative worlds offered via video games as well as the internet and soon developed a keen interest in both tech hardware as well as innovative software design. As a self-taught coder in constant pursuit of digital knowledge, Austin has built a reputation as a resourceful and innovate problem-solver. When he’s not utilizing his skillset writing code from his hub in Rosemount, Austin Burridge can be found reviewing the latest tech, gadgets, and software developments online.

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