RFID Hands on Workshop – Wireless Internet for the Mobile Enterprise

The University of California, Los Angeles is to host WINMEC (Wireless Internet for the Mobile Enterprise Consortium). It is a collaboration between the university (UCLA), industry, and government.

The aim of WINMEC is to advance technological and business research and also to educate its members on the state-of-the art in wireless and mobile industries.

There are several advisory boards.

UCLA presents the fifth one-day hands-on RFID application development workshop on May 16, 2007. This hands-on workshop provides attendees an opportunity to learn the basics and the potential of RFID in various application scenarios.


Attendees get to experience a variety of RFID technologies and use the WinRFID middleware in conjunction with the existing RFID hardware in UCLA, to get a first hand experience with several potential industrial RFID applications.

Before implementing an RFID application, these questions must be answered:

  1. What is the business case for the investment in RFID?
  2. Which RFID technology (readers, middleware, tags) is most appropriate?
  3. What type of re-engineering of the business processes is required? and,
  4. How would the integration of the RFID infrastructure with the existing infrastructure be performed (software, hardware)?

The workshop and demonstrations are held in UCLA. For program details, visit the website:


Five Topic Presentations

  1. RFID Introduction
  2. RFID Standards and Mandates
  3. RFID Hardware
  4. RFID Middleware
  5. RFID Industry Vertical Case Studies, and Business Case Analysis

Hands-on Sessions and Demonstrations

  1. WinRFID Middleware Technology
  2. RFID Reader-Tag Interaction
  3. RFID Application Demonstration
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