Prevent Volume Settings of Your Computer Being Changed Unexpectedly

Actual Solution Announces VolumeLock 1.3

A small system enhancement application prevents volume settings of your computer from being changed unexpectedly and lets you set volume settings’ profiles for different times and events.

VolumeLock is an audio control utility for Windows that enables you to configure settings related to volume, balance and mute/select for any volume control and save them as a rule.

Once a rule has been set, the program locks the chosen configuration and prevents it from being hijacked by intrusive applications. VolumeLock controls an unlimited number of volume controls simultaneously. You can also configure a variety of volume control profiles for different times and occasions, for example, games, evening listening, etc.

Any of these profiles can be recalled with one mouse click or a specific hotkey. The program has a built-in scheduler to run profiles, tasks and display messages. Version 1.3 introduces a new feature – password protection that prevents unauthorized users from changing volume settings unless they know the password.

VolumeLock seamlessly integrates into the system shell and works transparently for system resources. It has a tiny memory footprint and by default sits in the system tray. A double-click on its icon brings the main window up. From here you can easily setup a rule for any volume control. You simply select the audio line, whose volume you want to adjust, enter the desired volume value, balance, mute/select value, and select a desired condition.

Finally, click on the lock check box to enable or disable this rule. The assigned rule is shown in the main window with the current volume level on the left side. With the same point-and-click simplicity, you can configure profiles for volume settings. You can apply a profile manually, or use the scheduler to apply a specified profile automatically at a particular time or event.

Additionally, you can use the scheduler to run specified applications, or display user defined messages.

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Main Features at a Glance:

  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access;
  • User-friendly, multilingual interface with themes support;
  • Controls volume, balance and mute/select audio lines in real-time;
  • Assign the customized rules for any volume control;
  • Controls any number of volume controls at the same time;
  • Unlimited, fully customized user presets for quick rules setup;
  • Supports customizable system-wide hot keys for presets;
  • Displays lock status in the tray icon;
  • Works with multiple sound cards simultaneously;
  • Built-in scheduler;
  • Command-line support for use in a batch file or script;
  • Can work as service or as an ordinary application.

    VolumeLock 1.3 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003. Registered customers are entitled to free upgrades to minor versions, technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Additional information on VolumeLock, as well as its free 14-day fully functional evaluation version is available from

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