PowerPoint to Flash Conversion for Web Developers, Marketers, Teachers

FlashSpring is an easy, fast PowerPoint add-on for authoring high quality Flash content. FlashSpring creates Flash content in the PowerPoint environment, converting your presentations into Flash clips.

All FlashSpring functions are easy to locate and access from the Power Point toolbar. With no special skills, or Flash knowledge, you can produce portable and compact Flash presentations that can be viewed by millions of people, who use different platforms and browsers.

FlashSpring will help you create flash content for many different purposes. It makes learning content creation and distribution much easier for teachers and students. Compact Flash presentations created with the software are extremely effective for email and web marketing and you can create Flash e-cards, photo albums and other content for entertainment.”

FlashSpring is available in Lite, Pro and Server editions. The Lite version is distributed free of charge and produces high quality Flash clips, converting all elements of PowerPoint presentations except animation and sound. FlashSpring Pro has many additioinal features needed for more professional and flexible use. If you need to convert PowerPoint presentations in batch, FlashSpring Server does the job.

The latest FlashSpring Pro 1.2 includes these new features:

  • Support for PowerPoint hyperlinks and command buttons in Flash presentations. Now your presentations become more interactive with Power Point relative links support and opening web pages in new windows.
  • Support for external Flash clips embedding. This new feature allows you to expand the visual possibilities of Power Point. Now embedded Flash clips are displayed correctly both in PowerPoint presentations and Flash presentations created with FlashSpring.
  • Support for specified web page opening after the presentation view was completed.

    Additional information on FlashSpring, including an evaluation version of the software is available at http://www.flashspring.com

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