Ping Damages iPhone Battery Life

Earlier this month, Apple released iOS 4.3 for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The newer version came out with several new features which include push notification for comments and follow requests functions for social networking services. But with this update, many users reported that their battery started to drain noticeably faster than it used to.

Pocket-lint has reported ‘ping’ as a possible cause for this decrease in battery life. The new software runs Apple’s iTunes based social networking service. Using this service, one can connect and share music, play list etc with his/her friends. In order to make this service ‘live’, the data transmission takes place rapidly and harms battery life.

There is a solution for those who don’t find Ping useful. One can get rid of this problem by simply turning off Ping. Several users have reported on website Pocket-lint that they got their normal battery life back after shutting down the Ping option on their device.

To shut down Ping, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to settings > General > Restrictions

2. If restrictions are enabled, enter your 4-digit password

3. If restrictions are not enabled, touch Enable Restrictions and enter a 4-digit password twice

4. In the list under Allow, scroll down to Ping

5. Select Ping > Off