Online Wedding Planning Takes the Industry by Storm

In the past, couples sat with a wedding planner and discussed the details of the big day. They’d select place settings, flowers, and food; then talk through a minute-by-minute schedule.

But those days are going. Thanks to a variety of online tools and capabilities, today’s couples can handle the entire process online.

Online Tools Make Wedding Planning a Breeze

Today’s brides and grooms are rarely interested in the hard planning that traditional weddings demanded. More women are in the workforce, so making time for a series of appointments with a wedding planner isn’t necessarily appealing to them.

Instead, a variety of online tools may relieve time for busy brides-to-be.

Inite and Evite Programs: Invitations are easily created with online software or apps. They can be printed and shipped directly to a list of guests from the distributor.

What’s more, some people use evites instead of traditional printed invitations. Most still send printed invitations to their closest friends and family, but they use Facebook or an evite service to notify everyone else.

Registry: There’s no need to visit a physical store to build a wedding registry. Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Walmart, Target, Pottery Barn, Macy’s, and other popular chains will create online registries. Couples can build a list of all their must-haves from home, and guests who wish to send a gift can use the registry to purchase one and have it sent to the happy couple without having to go shopping.

Venue and Vendors: Venues and vendors usually have websites to promote their services, and many prefer that you book online rather than in person or over the phone. Couples can feel comfortable knowing they’ve selected a good service site unseen, based on photographs posted to the webpage and reviews by those who have gone before.

Band: Couples will even use the web to handle more important items such as choosing a band for the reception. In the past, this might have required hours screening bands in person until you heard the perfect one. It might entail a lot of scheduling finesse and travel.

Now, many couples can research video performances online without having to show up in person. Video performances and online testimonials empower them to narrow down a final choice with which they will be satisfied.

Dress and Tux: Shopping for a wedding gown, tux, and outfits for bridesmaids and groomsmen used to be a group affair. Now a variety of online services can create the perfect fit without your having to leave home.

It’s often much cheaper to purchase or arrange online to have a custom gown made. Discount or gently used clothing shops might have options to meet your budget. Many brides visit a local bridal shop to try on a gown, and learn the measurements and style that look best on them.

From there, they can find a similar dress online for half the price. It will be shipped directly to their door, and this takes a lot of the stress out of finding the perfect dress for the price.

Catering: Can you really get food for your wedding that you’ve never tasted? Many people do, by going off of pictures and online reviews to make their selection. For those who feel a tasting is necessary, it’s not difficult to schedule one online.

Online Courses: People also plan incredible weddings without the help of a professional planner by using online courses and tutorials. A variety of wedding planner courses teach everything about how to bring off the event of your dreams.

Various Tools: Many other online tools can aid in the organization of a wedding, like The Knot and Wedding Wire. This retail outlet offer checklists, planners, helpful articles, wedding planner contact info, and other useful tools that make your planning much simpler.

Reviews and Photographs Make Online Planning Possible

Turning to the web to make wedding pans might seem a little too easy. Hundreds of options are available through this method, but how do you know the things you research will actually pan out? Go through reviews.

According to research, 85 percent of consumers say they trust the opinions of others when they make a purchasing decision, even if they’ve never met the person. Reviews are an essential tool for online wedding planners.

Though everyone has different opinions, you can get a pretty good idea of the experience you’ll have, based on the reports of others. Online wedding venues, catering, dressmakers, and any other services that don’t show reviews are less likely to be successful in a tech-savvy world.

Online wedding planning is a trend that will continue to expand and refine itself over time as technology advances and acceptance of these online tools grows.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.