O2 Wireless Universal SIMCard Now Available at Airport Wireless

The new O2 Wireless Universal SIMCard is now available from the O2 Wireless prepaid cellular service. The company has competitive rates, plus free International long distance to more than 50 countries.

O2 Wireless products are on display at 19 major metropolitan airports, in 42 Airport Wireless stores.

The company made the new simcard specifically for international business travelers and tourists visiting the USA. This card works with existing GSM phones, so travelers don’t need to buy a new one.

The availability at airports and quick activation means “keeping in touch with family and friends back home has never been easier,” the company says.

Obviously, the simcard only works with unlocked GSM phones. It allows customers to receive high-quality voice and text service while in the US.

O2 Wireless has several plans, including Basic, Plus and Unlimited Nights & Weekends. A recharge card can be purchased for as low as $10, and Unlimited Worldwide texting costs $1 a day. The company’s plans allow customers to choose their maximum monthly spend as well as the plan that suits their needs.

O2 Wireless is a division of Locus Telecommunications.

Pete Grubb, VP of Sales & Marketing said, “We are extremely proud to be expanding our successful Universal SIMCard program with Airport Wireless. Airport Wireless has a notable history of providing top-quality wireless solutions to their travel-centric customer base. Introducing the O2 Wireless Universal SIMCard to their product line-up demonstrates the additional value of the Universal SIMCard for an under-served segment of international travelers visiting the U.S. With the addition of our new Unlimited plan, O2 Wireless provides travelers unlimited Nights & Weekends in the U.S. as well as unlimited Worldwide Texting for just $1 a day.”

Airport Wireless O2 Wireless partnered together to bring the new simcard to customers.

A list of compatible GSM phones can be found on the O2 Wireless website.

Airport Wireless and Techshowcase retail electronics stores operate in 21 major metropolitan U.S. airports.There was no explanation of why only 19 of those were announced as having the new simcard.

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