New Solar Panel Farm Brings Power to 800 Homes in Northumberland

The council of Northumberland County in the UK is planning to construct a 16,000 solar panel farm in the area. The solar panels will take up approximately 10 of the 135 hectares in the Ashington Community Woodland.

The council has stated that over 800 homes will be powered by the solar farm.

This plan is a result of the council’s large electricity bill which is over Pounds 3m every year to keep power to its buildings. This is money that can be used towards other necessities. There will be an event held on 8 June at the Woodhorn Museum around midday.

A council spokesman stated, “The solar farm will be naturally screened by retaining a belt of existing trees and vegetation around the site and hence the project will have limited visual impact.”

Solar panel farm

The council believes this will make a tremendous impact on the conservation of energy as well as the spending budget. However, there are some who don’t see it the same way. In fact there are some who believe that the government has a hidden agenda when it comes to building solar panel farms.

Mike Greene who is a businessman and philanthropist stated, “Many local councils are keen to invest in solar energy because it’s seen as an easy win. They’re not driving these plans forward because of any green credentials; by slapping down solar panels they can gain access to Government funding and low-interest loans.”

There is truth behind Greene’s opinion, as similar plans were created when the council adopted Halls Greenhouses across the county. Environmentalists believe, however, that it can be beneficial to the landscapes in Great Britain.

Leonie Greene, head of external affairs at the Solar Trade Association said, “For many UK farmers, incomes are very low, which risks the wider sustainability of the sector. Far from damaging the countryside, good solar farms are actually helping to protect our landscapes.”

Both points are valid but it can be difficult to discover the true motives behind big government decisions. All the citizens of Northumberland can do is hope that this decision was done for the greater good.