Netflix Introduces Netflix Social For Facebook U.S. Users

Netflix Users Can Share What They are Watching on Facebook

Netflix Social has finally made it to the United States. Starting today, Netflix users can share what they are watching on Facebook with their friends. Netflix users in other countries have been able to do this for a while now. This is now possible in the U.S. thanks to Congress amending the video-sharing law at the beginning of 2013. Hulu Plus users have already been able to share on Facebook and Twitter what they are watching.

Below is the announcement from Netflix. I also have included a video demonstrating how this works.


New Things to Watch

“Movies and TV shows are better with friends.

We get suggestions from our friends for new things to watch and we connect with our friends through the shared enjoyment of a great movie or TV show.

Starting today, Netflix members in the U.S. can share their favorite shows and movies on Netflix with friends by connecting to Facebook and agreeing to share.

By default, sharing will only happen on Netflix. You’ll see what titles your friends have watched in a new “Watched by your friends” row and what they have rated four or five stars in a new “Friends’ Favorites” row. Your friends will also be able to see what you watch and rate highly.

You are in control of what gets shared. You can choose not to share a specific title by clicking the “Don’t Share This” button in the player. You can also visit your “Social Settings” in “Your Account” on to turn on additional sharing to Facebook or stop sharing altogether.

We will be adding the ability to turn on these features for our US members over the coming days, so keep an eye out for them. All U.S. Netflix members will have access to the social features by the end of this week.

Sharing movies and TV with friends online is still a new experience and we will continue to experiment and improve our social features over the coming months and years.”

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