Microsoft Office 2010 Give-Away

It’s Microsoft’s plan to give-away the software in hopes of making more money in the long-run.

“People will be exposed to the Microsoft Office 2010 experience from the minute they turn on their computer,” Stephen Elop explained, Microsoft Business Division President.

Microsoft is predicting 80% of the computers sold at retail, after the release of Microsoft Office 2010, will have the starter edition of Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft is proposing to computer makers that they install the basic version of Microsoft Office 2010 on new machines.

The Office Starter software is the essential version Excel and Word. There is a fee for the upgrade of Microsoft Office 2010.

A product key card is available for Microsoft Office 2010, used to upgrade the basic version of Excel and Word.

Microsoft Office Starter will take the place of Microsoft Works.

Computer makers are installing the full version, which can be unlocked once it’s paid for. Microsoft intends on loading up stores with boxed copies, key cards and options to buy Microsoft Office 2010.