Microsoft Introduces Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft introduced its beta version of Internet Explorer 9, yesterday in San Francisco, CA. Microsoft announced that its new browser edition provides the best performance on the Web by taking advantage of the latest computer hardware, HTML 5 and Windows 7.

The mission of any browser should be to make Web sites look/run their best so users will enjoy working with the content and keep coming back to the site for more, Dean Hachamovitch explained, Corporate Vice President of Windows Internet Explorer at Microsoft.

“The Web is about sites- the browser should be too. People go to the Web for sites not for the browser. Much as you go to your computer for apps, not Windows. Today Web sites are boxed in. The box is the browser,” Hachamovitch continued. For the design of IE 9, “We asked ourselves how could we put sites at the center of the experience? How can IE make sites shine? The approach here is to use the whole computer” so it flows into “the native power of the platform.

A new feature includes Pinned Web sites, which allows users to access their favorite Web site from the Windows 7 Task Bar without having to start-up the browser, or start it from a favorite site list in the browser.

JumpLists, another feature, enable users to get to a Web site task without first launching the browser. JumpLists work with Pinned Sites to allow users to quickly create e-mail messages, check e-mail in-boxes, read an updated weather forecast or virtually any task.

Microsoft believes that IE 9 delivers faster speed as it uses HTML5 and new web technologies like CSS3, SVG2 and GPU for acceleration.