Is Deleting Your Facebook The New Facebook?

It appears that high profile people are closing their Facebook accounts due to the privacy issues that have been going on lately. Some of these high profile people include Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, and Co Founder of Gizmodo and Engadget blogger Peter Rojas.

Last month a number of Google employees made high-profile exits from Facebook as well, but as employees of Facebook’s leading competitor, their departures are understood.

It’s hard for anyone in the media or in the technology field to leave Facebook in my opinion since there are over 400 million users, which are 400 million potential fans or customers. Facebook is a valuable resource for internet icons. Facebook is a huge platform for people to get news stories out, or to pull people in to watch their webcasts, TV shows, or listen to their radio shows. Hate it or love it, Facebook is a great resource, so for these huge names on the internet to be quitting Facebook really says something.


I have seen several posts and comments around the web about people quitting Facebook….I myself am not leaving; while I don’t agree nor support how Facebook has handled there, well our privacy settings…I have tweaked mine, but even if I hadn’t touched them, I don’t put anything on the internet that I would want truly private. We all need to remember, no matter how private you think something is that you put on the internet, it’s not.

It seems like this trend is catching on though, but I have to ask…are people truly quitting Facebook because they are that upset with the privacy settings, or are they simply following the crowd? Is deleting your Facebook, the new Facebook?

Update: Apparently Facebook is listening or they are concerned. Facebook has called for an all-hands meeting today at Facebook to discuss privacy issues. This takes place at 4PM PST today. (May 13th).

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