4 Reasons A Business Should Invest in a Shrink Wrap Machine

Regardless of the type of business, if it is involved with manufacturing, it is likely to need a shrink-wrapping machine. Even if used infrequently, the benefits of owning one outweigh the negligible maintenance they need, and they last for years. Here are four reasons every business should invest in a shrink wrap machine. We’ll focus on universal benefits that any business can see when they adopt this technology.

shrink wrap machine

It Protects Products

A shrink-wrapping machine protects products when they’re most likely to be damaged or broken, which is during delivery. The machine tightly wraps each bundle or stack, minimizing the risk of being crushed or getting wet. If dealing with fresh goods, shrink wrapping increases the shelf life of the product. That protects from spoilage and the associated losses. In every other case, it reduces the odds of taking back broken items, which is a pure loss. The wrapping also protects items from dirt and dust.

It Creates Unique Packaging

Shrink wrapping is highly versatile. A wide variety of products and lot sizes can be handled with a good shrink wrap machine. Advertising and labeling are easily integrated into the shrink wrap, promoting the brand even when the stack of goods sits at the end of the aisle waiting to be placed on the shelves. A side benefit of shrink wrapping everything from DVDs to food is that it makes it obvious if someone has opened or tampered with the item. This prevents fraud and piracy in the case of software CDs and music disks.

It Maximizes Storage Capacity

Shrink wrapping machines today take up a fraction of the space of their counterparts, even though they’re smart enough to efficiently wrap nearly any type of product. This is especially true if the products don’t naturally stack in boxes. That frees up precious floor space. Shrink wrapping pallets of product allows storing them as densely as raw materials in the warehouse. That allows storage of more products in the same warehouse or frees up space for new uses.

Shrink Wrapping Machines Save Money

Shrink wrapping machines save money in a variety of ways. The semi-automatic and fully automatic systems work far faster than a human could, while rarely ever making mistakes. Automating this task improves quality while reducing labor costs.

By letting the machine do the work when it is required avoids paying overtime to pack products or needing to hire contract labor to finish a large order. Because shrink wrapped products are easier to store and transport, most businesses easily save money on transportation and material handling costs. When the shrink wrap machine keeps up with the output of the assembly line, It is very common to see much greater productivity for the entire production line without increased labor costs. Depending on the shrink wrap system, there may be large savings on maintenance costs because the work is done by the manufacturer.

One of the ways shrink wrapping machines may save the business money is in health and safety costs. When the machine wraps things, there is no worry about people wasting plastic with a few extra passes or injuring themselves performing the same motions thousands of times a day.


Shrink wrap machines come with many benefits, only some of which are outlined here. Businesses of all sizes and niches can’t afford not to consider automating this time-consuming task.