How Technology Has Made it Much Easier for Disabled People to Travel

Travelling is something we all enjoy doing, but this can often be difficult for disabled people. From restricted access to difficulties getting into and out of a vehicle, it can leave many people with disabilities limited as to what they can do. However, thanks to new technologies, travel is becoming much more accessible for disabled people, whether they’re travelling to work or they’re going on holiday.

One of the most convenient methods of transportation is a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV), with many companies, like Allied Vehicles , specialising in these types of cars. They offer you all of the comfort you need, and with plenty of added extras. Here are just some of the great benefits that WAVs provide you with thanks to innovative new technologies:

The Benefits of a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Because WAVs have access for your wheelchair, there’s no need to get in and out of it as you travel around, which saves a lot of time and discomfort. It also allows you to travel from A to B more freely, with you benefiting from your wheelchair’s pressure or comfort relief whilst you are travelling. Furthermore, if you have someone helping you, some of these vehicles have a winch included, which helps to remove the risk of them injuring themselves as they transfer your wheelchair into and out of the car.

The Benefits of Driving a WAV

There are also WAVs that can be adapted to suit your individual needs so you’re still able to drive. This gives you all of the independence you could wish for, allowing you to travel about comfortably and without having to ask others for help.

These types of WAVs can be specifically designed to suit your wheelchair, with the controls adapted to meet your every requirement. If you’re able to transfer yourself into the driver’s seat, you may want to do this, but if not, these cars can be catered to allow you to drive from your wheelchair. And, these cars will come complete with docking systems, ramps and automatic doors.

When shopping for a WAV you’ll find plenty of choices available. For example, there are smaller cars that can take a wheelchair user and one other person, or there are ones that can take several additional passengers. There is also a range of WAVs that can accommodate more than one wheelchair user, but these are generally mini vans or taxis.

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