Guide to Purchasing an iPhone Case for Your iPhone

If you just bought a new iPhone, you should also get a new iPhone case; mainly to protect the external shell of your iPhone from getting scratches and your screen from getting cracked. 2 of the worst days of your life if this hasn’t happened to you yet. Without the case, the phone can easily get scratches during the normal course of your day. Moving around while at the office, the gym, the park, and your house are all common ‘scratch spots’. Unfortunately it is also way too common for people to drop their phones when they carry them frequently. Dropping your phone wouldn’t be all that bad if you still had a flip phone or one of those bricks from the 90’s. But not only does the phone’s original casing crack, by dropping your phone you can also damage the internal chips. By fitting an external case over your phone, there is a lower chance that the phone will become damaged.

There are several types of iPhone cases. Some cases only cover the back of your phone. There are also cases that include 2 pieces with one covering the back and the other covering the front part of the phone. The screen on the front cover can be made from different types of materials such as, TPU, glass and gel silicone. The glass on the front cover is usually tempered so that it is not easily broken when you drop it on the floor. You will be able to swipe your finger over the tempered glass to access the functions in the phone without any problem. There will be holes in the casing exactly where the buttons, microphones and speakers are located on your iPhone. There will also be a hole for the Apple logo at the back of your phone.

Casing that comes with a front cover is great for protecting the screen of your iPhone from scratches. The screen of your iPhone can get damaged if you carry it with you all the time. If you plan on carrying your iPhone in your hand a lot (and let’s face it, you’re probably on your phone right now), you should get a case that includes a front cover. For extra durability, you can choose a case that is both crack poof and shock proof. Shock proof means the iPhone case can protect the phone from the impact of external shocks while crack proof means it protects your phone’s original case and screen from getting cracked.

Expensive iPhone cases are not only drop proof but they are also waterproof and dirt proof. This type of iPhone case is great for when you’re out recreating. The cases are designed to be watertight and definitely prevent water from entering. You should check the description to find out the level of the waterproof protection however. Some waterproof cases can only offer protection from rainwater while others can prevent your phone from getting damaged when dropped in deeper water. Waterproof cases are pretty durable even if they get left in the washing machine.

Dirt proof cases are sealed against the intrusion of dirt and dust from the surrounding environment. Dirt proof phone cases are useful for people who regularly go to places that have a lot of dirt, for example a construction site. There are also wallet iPhone cases which are usually made from faux leather. Wallet cases can be converted into a stand holder so that you can easily watch movies from your phone while putting it on the table.

Wallet Cases

The wallet iPhone case, as you might imagine, will function as your wallet for keeping cards and cash. There are many different patterns of iPhone cases including solid, plain color, glitter, wood, marble, cartoon, geometric, landscape, and flowers. When buying iPhone cases, it is important that you choose the case based on the model of your iPhone.

Choosing the wrong model means it probably won’t fit your phone. Besides, it is important that stay on the description page for some time to go through all the descriptions and the posted pictures of the iPhone case. If you have any question, you should go ahead and send a message to the seller before placing an order. Some sellers may offer bulk discount so you should consider buying the iPhone cases in bulk quantity not just for yourself but also for your friends and family members that also have iPhones.

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