Google’s New Pixel Competes With Apple And Samsung Galaxy

Electronic Mobile Products Review By Clarence Walker

Samsung Galaxy and Apple’s mobile devices have reigned as top-notch heavyweights for quite some time in the global cell phone industry. But there’s a new smartphone on the block called the Pixel, and it is giving the popular brands a Carl Lewis run for their money to take away their crowns as champions as the best cell phones consumers can buy.

Created by Google, the world’s largest internet search engine giant, the new Pixel strongly resembles its stable brother, Pixel XL. The Pixel breaks new ground as a competitive elegant design phone for users preferring distinct advantages of having a smaller 5-inch handset while the 5.5 inch Pixel XL is a bit harder to hold. During the past six years, Google joined forces with other prominent communication makers to create a line of wireless phones like the Nexus and Pixel XL, but now for the first time, Google has struck out on its own to make wireless productsl. And the gamble paid off like a slot machine.

“It’s the first phone made by Google ‘inside and out’ and is part of an exclusive partnership with Verizon,” Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said, at the unveiling of the Pixel in San Francisco on October 4,2016. Google’s Pixel has a 12.3 megapixel camera considered by the company’s executives as the “best smartphone camera” ever.

Pricing for Google’s Pixel starts at $649 in the(US), $599(UK), and $1,079 in Australia.

pixel with google assistant.
Pixel with google assistant.

Pixel comes with a game changer among smartphones by offering a little more honey to taste. Unlike other smartphones like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Now and Microdoft Cortana, Pixel comes with a first-ever unique communication system called Google Assistant, supported by 24-7 live support,meaning a user can access assistance anytime from support staff.

A slight disadvantage for consumers when purchasing Google’s new Pixel is that they lose a small percentage of screen resolution due to reduction in size, yet overall, Google’s Pixel and the older model Pixel XL are virtually identical when comparing some of the features and performance.

The Pixel brand, says Rick Osterloh, Google’s hardware Chief, “has always represented the best hardware and software, designed and built by Google together.”

Demand for Pixels grew exponentially when Samsung recalled their Note 7, due to a battery defect, just when Google released the Pixel this past Fall. For example, Ads for the Pixel saturated the media market during the holidays. Colorful Ads dominated the front pages of glossy magazines, The New York Times website and Ads were shown on prime TV during NFL games. Investment bank Evercore estimated, based on Wave7 data, that Google shipped 552,000 Pixel phones in the fourth quarter which earned revenues from those sales at $386 million. Morgan Stanley analysts estimate that over 3 million Pixels would be sold, generating approximately $2 billion in revenue.

Jeff Morgan, senior Wave7 analyst called the Pixel “a major success.”

“The demand for the Pixel phone exceeds our expectations, which is exciting to see,” Google’s spokeswoman Iska Saric, stated in interviews with news media outlets.

Here are the key features of Google’s new Pixel:

  • Equipped with top-notch Qualcom and “Snapdragon” 821 processor, the Pixel represents one of the best 5-inch Android phones on the market.
  • Pixel’s handset is sharply outfitted with a seamless glass-aluminum body combined with smooth surfaces and easy-to-grip curved edges.
  • Built with a vibrant Amoled screen, Pixel users can access thousands of songs, and also the system allows users to stream unlimited shows and other online entertainment. Pixel users can rely on heavy loads of Ram to play several games like GTA, San Andrea and Asphalt 8 without any problems. Digital games like Riptide GP2 deliver detailed, bright-colored scenery.
  • Size: Pixel is a smaller size than Google’s older model Pixel XL, measuring 5-inches and weighs 5 ounces. similar to the larger Pixel XL, the back of the Pixel is built with a pane of inlaid glass with a fingerprint sensor set in the middle. Pixel imprint capable of registering up to five fingerprints to unlock the phone.
  • Unlike Apple’s Android systems, Google added the Pixel with a 3.5mm headphone jack, and the sides are heavily chamfered which helps the device to fit comfortably in your hand.

Water Resistance

An IP53 certification ordered by Google indicated the Pixel cannot stand a heavy water splash or if it’s dropped in a water puddle unless properly covered in a protective waterproof case.


The Pixel’s camera works superbly but not without a flaw as described further in this section. If Pixel users take photos in ‘good light’ the Pixel will capture vivid, breath taking, colorful detailed images. Even in less bright environments or interior areas the Pixel also outpaces other name brand Androids. For instance, the Pixel performed better than the Android S7, when used to snap photos in areas with visible shadows.

Ready for this?

Pixel’s rear camera can easily record 4K videos at 30FP and 1080P at 60FPS. Pixel’s video is sturdy and it makes a smooth transition for recording. Also the Pixel is supported firmly by ‘electronic image stabilization'(EIS).

To evaluate the strength of the camera we had a camera specialist to test the Pixel’s EIS while walking into a public building to snap interior photos. After our specialist tried the same technique by taking photos inside the public building with Androids like Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 plus. Note that both of these Androids use Optical Image Stabilization(OIS). And the results were: Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 plus were slightly better than Pixel in this area.

For example, when using all three Androids to pivot the video, the Pixel usually loses a portion of its focus when users make sharp turns. Still this isn’t bad because the Pixel camera still holds its’ own, taking beautiful, clear vision shots. And also it allows users to video chat by DUO. Pixel’s DUO chat system is designed for users to talk and interact with special people in their lives. DUO also has a unique capability for the user to see who’s calling prior to answering the Android.

Overall, still the Pixel’s camera scored higher after undergoing a test. A review by DXOMark gave Google’s Pixel camera and the camera’s lenses an 89 out of 100 rating. This score ranked higher than the 86 given the iPhone 7, and the 88 rating that DXOMark gave the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. DXOMark is a France-based software company that test-scores various communication devices built with cameras.

Google Assistant

Pixel is also the first Android phone that comes with built-in Assistant. Here’s how it works.

A user makes contact with Google Support System by pressing down the Home button or by simply speaking “OK Google.” Pixel’s users can opt to use voice commands to perform multiple tasks like making phone calls, schedule reminders, search for places to dine, access news about weather conditions or add events to their personal calendar. Now don’t get too disappointed whenever you make a request to Google and your query only returns a Google search result because sometimes the system don’t always work perfectly. Google Assistant can also be accessed by Allo.

A Pixel comes with an Android 7.1 Noughat, unique software built into the phone that is not yet available on other expensive Androids, including an app screen that only allow users access by swiping the handset upwards. Google representatives pledged to users to deliver software updates for the Pixel, which provides a secondary service for users to stay informed about new related products.

Another benefit for Pixel users is the valuable use of 24-7 “live support.” Pixel users have access to “live support” through the Support Tab in the Setting menu. Google support allows you to text or request a phone call from a Google Representative. Through testing of Google Support I soon learned that if a customer initiates text chats to the support system, it works better to get faster results.

Except for Verizon retail model, the Pixel is built with an unlockable boot loader.

So what does this mean?

By having a boot loader, a Pixel user can install the Android with ROMs. Along with software load, expect to find preloaded Google apps, including three extra bloatware apps, namely My Verizon, MessageT, and Go90 – that, according to Google, can be uninstalled.

Important Advice

If consumers buy a Pixel directly from Google you don’t get preloaded apps. A Pixel provides 25.11GB of storage “out of a total of 320 GB,” but you get free unlimited storage for photos and videos. Now if a Pixel user don’t have a MicroSD card, NewsBlaze product review team suggests Pixel users pay an extra $100 for the 128 GB version that provides more storage. If you spend an extra $100, the final price tag for Google’s Pixel Android totals up to $749.

Why Should You Buy Google Pixel?

Google Pixel is for anyone willing to shell out the price tag of $649-$749, depending if you live in the U.S. or a foreign country. On the hip side, the Pixel fits the needs of a tech-savvy individual who prefers the elegant cool-looking smaller Pixel in their possession without having to juggle the larger 5.5 inch Pixel XL.

Without a doubt, the Google Pixel is an outstanding phone that offers an exceedingly different experience to the HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7, even though the Pixel’s battery don’t quite run as long as other expensive Androids. Even so, during a test the Pixel clocked 7 hours and 21 minutes of run time, while Pixel XL only ran 6 hours and 43 minutes, and the iPhone 7 ran just 5 hours and 45 minutes.

If you are looking for an alternative smartphone and you’re not sure whether to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7 or iphone 7-plus: Google’s Pixel is the phone to try in 2017, because it showcases the best brand among cell phones offered by Google.

When you buy the new Pixel it comes with extra rewards included with Google sending out updates when newer versions of Androids are scheduled to launch, months ahead of popular Androids like Samsung, LG, Sony and other Smartphones.

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