Google’s Fashion Shopping Web Site

Google created a new e-commerce web site that improves how fashion is presented and sold online. is a collection of hundreds of virtual boutiques merchandised by designers, retailers, bloggers, celebrities and just people.

Shop for the style of the actress Carey Mulligan or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to name a few celebrities who signed up for the launch.

You can build your own boutique and amass followers who can comment on your style.

For every boutique on the web site, there are dozens of additional choices inspired by a designer’s or celebrity’s style; generated by algorithms with product photos that are much larger/sharper than on other shopping web sites.

The inspiration panel automatically adjusts for your style.

The technology was developed by, a Silicon Valley company co-founded by Munjal Shah, which Google acquired last summer for a reported $100 million.

Mr. Shah leads the team for