Google Chromebooks in 2000 Schools

Google has been working very hard to get their Google Chromebooks in schools across the country. There are now Chromebooks in 2,000 schools, which is twice as many as there were three months ago. Three of the more recent participants include Transylvania County Schools in North Carolina with 900 devices, St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida with 2,200 and the Rocketship Education charter network in the Bay Area with 1,100.

The Google Apps for Education community also continues to grow, with Chicago Public Schools bringing 270,000 students, teachers and administrators into the cloud.


Google is not only working on putting Chromebooks in US schools though. In the UK, Bruno Reddy of King Soloman Academy in London also spoke about how the web has impacted his classroom and how it will help his students in the long term:

“In an increasingly digital age, it’s great to see that the students I teach have been able to harness these skills in such a way, and it puts them in good stead for the years ahead.”

Google Chromebooks are a very inexpensive way for students to connect to each other world wide and to have access to countless resources that would normally not be available to them in their schools. If you are a student at one of the schools that have Google Chromebooks, we would love to hear how it is impacting you personally at your school.