Google And Verizon: Internet Service Plan

On Monday, Google and Verizon presented a plan for Internet service regulation.

The two proposed to give customers equal access to all legal content on public Internet, and the Federal Communications Commission regulates.

They want it to become legislation. It would stop carriers from discriminating against content providers, and accepting payment from them to speed-up delivery of certain material. Violators would-be fined as much as $2 million.

This is in contrast to reports that Google and Verizon were working on a deal that would let Google have priority on the network. The two disapproved, criticized, of the reports.

The proposal would not include the mobile wireless market.

It would start “toll-booths on the information super-highway,” Joel Kelsey, political advisor- nonprofit media reform group, Free Press.

“Our basic goal was to set aside this very divisive debate and realize we’re very dependent on each other,” Eric Schmidt told reporters- Google’s Chief Executive.

Google and Verizon have done what the FCC has so far failed to do,” Jan Dawson, chief telecom analyst for research firm Ovum.