Facebook Users Beware of ‘Most Hilarious Video Ever’

For the past 2 weeks we have seen stories about Facebook posts of sexy videos that are really phishing scams to obtain your Facebook username and password and install malware on your computer, well this weekend a new phishing attack has surfaced.

The video is labeled “Most Hilarious Video Ever.” Once you click on the video, you will directed to a site that appears to be Facebook but is not, and will be prompted to enter your Facebook username and password. When returning to Facebook it will ask you to install an application called “Media Player HD,” and then it asks you to download the “FLV player.” This is what installs the malware onto your computer. Some users depending on their location have been prompted with an ad to enter a contest to win an iPad, which asks you to enter your home address.


If you fall for the attack, make sure to remove the link from your wall that the malware will post to your Facebook, change your Facebook password, uninstall “Media Player HD,” and run a malware/virus scan. I recommend MalwareBytes. You can click here to download it here. I found a video on Youtube.com that I have included as well that demonstrates someone installing the malware on their machine.


Tim Martin is a Technology specialist, who gives us insights into the technology and software that helps us to get through our day. Technology is everywhere, an increasingly pervasive part of our lives. Tim helps us make sense of it in many ways.