Facebook Introduces Its Own Version of Email

Mark Zuckerberg introduces a “modern messaging system” for Facebook

Today CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a new “modern messaging system” for Facebook. Zukerberg says that it’s not technically an email system, but this might replace email.

The messaging system will be a central location for all of your SMS messages, emails, Facebook messages, and messages from other chat clients.

Facebook is also introducing a Social Inbox, which sorts your personal messages, prioritizing messages from friends and setting aside people you don’t chat with often. By default you will only see messages from your Facebook friends and friends of friends on Facebook. Messages from people who are outside of your Facebook circle will go into a separate folder, but you can move people from one folder to the other. You can also block email messages that are not from a friend.


You will be given an ‘@facebook.com” address or you can continue to use your current email address and just set it up to redirect your email to your “@facebook.com” address.

This will not necessarily kill email, but Facebook is looking towards the future. More and more every day, people are using Facebook to communicate instead of email, and this is one step closer to eliminate email for some of the public.