Facebook Hashtags Coming Soon

According to this article from The Wall Street Journal Facebook will be using hashtags in the future.

Facebook is working on adding the hashtag feature, but you won’t see it anytime soon. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment, saying, “We do not comment on rumor or speculation” when asked about the report.

A hashtag are words marked by a pound sign, used to organize posts by topics or events, or to express how users are feeling at the moment. Users can search for a specific hashtag to see all the posts about that tag. For example if you search on Twitter for #Facebook, you will see every tweet that has #Facebook in it. Its definitely a way to search on topics you are interested in and see what other people are saying about them.


Twitter, Instagram, and Google + already use hashtags, so it appears that Facebook is trying to play catch up.

Facebook announced last week that they are changing the way their Newsfeed looks. The new look is a lot like Google +. Can Facebook not come up with original ideas anymore? Are you a fan of hashtags? Welcomed change or just something to annoy users? Comment and let us know!

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