Dell Sold Bad Computers

Dell sold computers with equipment that caused most mother boards on Dell Optiplex models, from 2003 to 2005, to break, and the computers wouldn’t work.

‘We need to avoid all language indicating the mother boards were bad,’ Jeff DilLullo, sales manager, wrote in a 2004 March e-mail.

There’s a document pointing-out a company e-mail explaining to sales personnel that customers should know it’s uncertain, and not to mention the problem at all.

“Dell was engaged in a cover-up,” Peter Cohan, venture capitalist and management consultant at Peter S. Cohan & Associates.

Dell admitted to shipping 11.8 million bad computers.

Dell set aside $100 million for settlement. It’s negotiating with the Securities and Exchange Commission on a number of fraud charges from years of violations.

David Frink, Dell spokesman, said that’s not a concern for current computers, and its old news.