CSIOS Corporation Assists DOD Tackle Cyber Insider Threat Problem

For over 2 years, CSIOS Corporation’s Cyber Insider Threat Team has successfully assisted the Department of Defense (DOD) conceptualize, design, execute, and operationalize joint tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to anticipate, detect, analyze, and diagnose the cyber insider threat before there is an impact on military operations.

Sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the United States Cyber Command, the United States Army Research Laboratory, the United States Navy Research Laboratory, and the Joint Force Headquarters Department of Defense Information Network, the Joint Cyber Insider Threat (J-CIT) Joint Test (JT) Project was established to assist the DOD in developing joint TTPs to proactively address the cyber insider threat.

Until the establishment of the J-CIT JT Project, the DOD had examined aspects of the insider threat at the technical and operational levels, but in a fragmented and piecemeal manner. In fact, many DOD organizations did not have a joint capability to categorize the precise nature of the insider threat as existential or its origin until the damage had been sustained.

cesar pie, csios corporation ceo.
Cesar Pie, CSIOS Corporation CEO.

In essence, DOD cyber defenders have been constantly blindsided by insider threat attempts and unable to generate information with the high-enough level of confidence to know that someone was committing an insider attack until it is too late to intervene.

The resulting J-CIT JT TTPs are expected to be institutionalized throughout all DOD Cybersecurity Service Providers protecting and defending DOD information systems, networks, warfighters globally in more than 145 countries, 6,000 locations, 600,000 building and structures, 15,000 classified and unclassified networks, and 7 million computers and IT devices worldwide.

Furthermore, sponsoring organizations anticipate adoption of J-CIT TTPs by all DOD Components to include OSD, the Military Departments, the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Joint Staff, the Combatant Commands, the Office of the Inspector General of the DOD, the Defense Agencies, the DoD Field Activities, and all other organizational entities within the DOD.

Near-real-time ongoing awareness for organizational risk decision making and continuous monitoring

Mr. Cesar Pie, President and CEO of CSIOS Corporation stated, “While the vast majority of DOD insiders are hardworking and dedicated to their respective professions, understand the importance of their work to the Nation, and are firmly loyal to the U.S., the risk of the malicious insiders is high and could potentially reduce or compromise our military effectiveness, and place in jeopardy the lives of our military men and women.”

Mr. Pie added, “Today more information can be carried out the door on removable media in a matter of minutes than the sum total of what was given to our enemies in hard copy throughout U.S. history. The J-CIT JT TTPs is one of the most impactful projects sponsored by the DOD. It will help DOD cyber defenders pinpoint suspicious insider activities, support user activity monitoring, and provision near-real-time ongoing awareness for organizational risk decision making and continuous monitoring.”

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