Cheap Domain Name Shopping

A Cheap Domain Name isn’t always on the shopping list for large companies. They don’t seem to mind paying exorbitant prices, even though there is no difference whatsoever in the product.

Small businesses, on the other hand, discovered a long time ago that there isn’t a lot of difference between a cheap domain name and an expensive domain name.

When you are talking about a dot com domain, it is almost the same thing, whether you pay a little or a lot. Almost the same, that is, as long as the seller is stable and reliable.


The stability of the underlying company is important. A few years ago, there was a domain seller horror story, when registrar xxx failed. There is almost no way to avoid this, because even the largest companies can overextend themselves and get into trouble.

Cheap Domain Name Benefits

Many small businesses and home businesses own multiple domains. The more domains, the higher the cost when you pay too much.

When a domain is used as a placeholder or a redirect, as is often the case with .net and .org domains, the cheaper the domain name, the lower the holding costs.

Although there are name domain extensions now, the .com is still the most popular and generally the most valuable, mostly because people will always defaut to typing in .com

Recommendation: If you are looking for a new domain name for your venture, and you expect people to remember your domain name, exhaust all possible .com names first, before deciding to resort to a .us, .biz, or .net name.

Renewing Your Expensive Domain Name

If you didn’t initially buy wisely and paid too much, there is no reason to keep doing it. You can always switch to the cheap domain name provider and keep your hosting the same.

Go to to acquire your next cheap domain name or save money on renewal and turn your expensive domain name into a cheap domain name – at least as far as registration cost is concerned.

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