Apple Highly Scores With iPads & iPhones

Since Microsoft was in the news for their Windows Phone 7 preview, Apple decided to step right back into the news by announcing their profits for Q3 2010. Apparently, Apple’s earnings are more than what even Wall Street was expecting. Apple’s net income jumped 78 percent from last year’s $1.8 billion earnings. This is the brand’s highest quarterly earnings since Apple was established.

Apple iPads Most Sold Product

A major part of Apple’s $3.25 billion quarterly revenue is attributed to the sales of the iPad which was launched earlier this year. On the same note, it has been reported that the Apple iPad tablets sold as many as the Apple Mac computers did.

Bad Economy Not Affecting Apple

Apple is definitely not as affected by the economy downturn as other brands are. It’s not surprising for Apple is one brand that has millions of loyal fans lining up for days just to buy a new Apple product. Speaking of Apple’s products, the brand sold 8.4 million iPhones compared to 61 percent lesser iPhones sold last year. Around 1.7 million of the iPhone 4 was sold from its 24th of June launch-date up the end of June. Apple reported that 3.3 million iPad tablets were sold in just three months following its launch.

apple logo

No Apple Stock

Currently, there is no stock of Apple’s iPad and iPhone in most stores and there’s no word on when the new stock will arrive. Hopefully with the Q3 profit, all owners of the iPhone 4 will be offered a free-of-charge permanent solution for their iPhone’s antenna problem.

Nilufer Hajra
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