Global PCB Design Software Market Set to Explode

The global market in PCB is set to explode. This computer designer software application looks to top over $4 billion in sales this coming year. The market is made up mostly of users in the medical, financial, automotive, and munitions industries. The flexibility and price reductions in this design software app are truly astonishing. The Pentagon is already investing over half a billion dollars in further PCB upgrades at military installations around the world. It has been especially useful in the areas of radar, sonar, and beta-scanning.

It’s circuitry is becoming more complex as it incorporates the latest Japanese microchip technology and carbon nano links. The news has been full recently of breakthrough chip construction using wafers of carbon that are literally only one molecule thick. Silicon Valley may have to change its moniker to Carbon Valley as this disruptive technology, used extensively in PCB, continues to gain adherents in the manufacturing world.

PCB design software has taken the guesswork out of input, output, and error tolerance levels. It is proving to be a legitimate substitute for virtual reality engineering applications, which have proven to be costlier and error-prone than was initially hoped for.

With pcb software by altium engineers are at last able to pre-check their designs prior to physical construction or even commitment of resources. The software has now developed to the point where automakers can discover wind resistance on chassis, motor torque on engines, and acceptable hydraulic pressure points in carburetors.

And that’s not all. Karl Falcone, senior manager at Kline and Burris Accounting International, says “In the past engineers have been notoriously cavalier when it comes to cost accounting. Their philosophy was that engineering was an exact science, but only in the field of hard science; cost overruns and unforeseen expenses were never part of their mindset. Now, with PCB design software, they are able to see exactly where the trouble spots are, and provide much more accurate estimates of project costs.”

Savvy market watchers and investors are betting that the consumer electronics market, which now comprises over $3 trillion in revenues for the next four years, will push the value of PCB designer software stock into the stratosphere in the not too distant future.

Why? Because PCB software is cutting costs and increasing efficiency at a breathtaking pace. Kraft-Schnell, the largest headphone manufacturer in the European Union, recently upgraded the PCB design software in their factory in Bavaria, and now reports that the preproduction costs have plummeted over 40%. They have already put in place price reductions on their most popular models in time for the Holiday buying season.

The United States is still the main market for PCB design software. But both China and India are fast approaching the US levels. Especially in the field of logic, analogue, and memory chip manufacture. It’s estimated that India alone will have a 35% share of the chip market by the year 2020. Their engineers are lobbying heavily for further investment and commitment to PCB designer software.

All in all, it looks like the market for PCB designer software is moving nowhere but up, and doing it faster and faster.

Melissa Thompson
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