5 Reasons Why Consumers Should Buy the Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is easily Samsung’s horse in the race to beat out the long-awaited iPhone X, and it’s getting the job done thanks to an irresistibly long array of features that improve the user experience. The S8 addresses user feedback and problems faced by predecessors, garnering high praise for its sexy shape, vivid display, and amped up camera features. It includes a hidden gem, an AI butler that’s more dedicated to helping the user discover everything the phone can do and then some-but is that enough to make consumers switch over to an Android device?

The Design Is Sleek With Purpose

Reviewers and everyday users agree that the overall shape and design of the Galaxy S8 is gorgeous. What’s merely visible through photographs and videos is stunning in real life. Also described as futuristic, the S8 is Samsung’s take on the trendy bezel-free phone. Rather than feeling delicate or impractical, there’s something substantial about the edge-to-edge Infinity display.

Not only does Gorilla Glass encase the phone, which is an impressive feature in itself, but it sleekly curves to cover front and back. It’s narrow and thin in comparison to its predecessors, yet the screen is 5.8 inches, equaling a body-to-screen ratio of 83.6 percent. The curve of the Gorilla Glass has a purpose beyond being pretty. The Infinity display is QHD+ Super AMOLED. Not only does it have a comfortable in-hand feel, but it also throws off 16 million colors. The structure makes images leap to life and reduces strain on the eye.

Storage and More Storage

Unlike its competitors, Samsung chose not to offer the S8 with different storage options at varying prices. Instead, the manufacturer opted to give consumers 64GB of storage without the hassle of paying extra. That’s generally enough for pictures, videos, apps, and music, with a little extra left over, whereas 32GB phones usually leave people wanting more.

Furthermore, this version of the Galaxy has something that almost no other smartphone has: a micro-SD slot. Users of the S8 can upgrade with expandable storage. The S8 supports a maximum of 256GM. The extra storage is helpful for consumers who take advantage of the smartphone’s camera and capture 4K photos or videos.

No More Underwater Worries

Countless smartphones have been lost to water damage because, unfortunately, the rice trick rarely works. The perfectly waterproof phone seemed like too much to ask for until quite recently. Samsung does its due diligence to fill the gap with the Galaxy S8. In depths of up to 1.5 meters, the phone is safe from water damage. Users don’t have to take Samsung’s word for it, either. The S8 has IP68 certification.

Bixby Offers Useful AI Aid

Before its debut, the Samsung’s new voice assistant was one of the most discussed features, particularly given their previous attempts at AI. Like Siri, Cortana, and other competitors, Bixby is a knowledge bank, but that’s not how the virtual assistant shines. Bixby is most helpful on the phone, which it monitors and analyzes in real time. As a user goes into an app, the AI offers assistance and, in time, anticipates the consumer’s actions.

One fun feature is the ability to ask Bixby to send photos or videos to contacts via texts, which the assistant accomplishes without leaving the photo app. However, it’s essential to use the S8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on a network capable of sending large files, such as T-Mobile’s reliable 4G LTE network. A fast, stable connection is necessary to send the high-quality pictures and videos captured on the S8.

The Camera Is Next-Level

Samsung comes out swinging with the Galaxy S8’s new and improved camera. It’s a Dual Pixel camera with 12MP. Users can capture video in UHD 4K, in FHD at 60FPS, and in slo-mo at 240FPS. When taking still photographs, the camera receives high marks for its landscape pictures and macro photos. A finger flick of the display slides from front-facing camera to selfie mode. There’s no fumbling to switch from camera to video, either, as there’s a dedicated recording button on the screen in the camera app. In Pro mode, users can adjust tint, aperture, exposure, temperature, and ISO.

By all accounts, the Galaxy S8 is one of the most feature-rich phones Samsung ever introduced to the market. Between its curved screen and generous storage options, it has users switching manufacturers without a backward glance.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.