4 Beautifully Designed Weather Mobile Apps That Are A Must-Have

Mobile applications have evolved as the latest smartphones have gotten smarter. There are now many in-built apps when purchasing a smartphone because these applications have made everyone’s life so much easier. With one click or tap, people can seemingly do whatever they want. Such is the case with these weather mobile apps.

These particular apps have made my life pretty easy-going recently. A weather mobile app is a must-download application for me because I’m always in and out of my car and planes for business.

Whether in Canada or the US, any place in the city or even any other country, these mobile apps are a savior. These all have a free-download version, which can be easily downloaded using Wi-Fi or mobile data. While most of these applications also have an annual subscription upsell, they’re very nominal.

Top 4 Weather Apps that are a Must Know

  • The WeatherBug App: This is a free download version in any android phone. It does require data or a Wi-Fi connection to work. By downloading the WeatherBug mobile app, it becomes simple to fetch all the weather details in any part of the city, town, or even country.


  • It will tell the exact weather conditions.
  • It will update immediate changes in the weather at any place.
  • This app has a unique feature of telling the dust pollen in the air and the air quality as well while the storm is there.
  • It is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • This app shows the exact temperature.
  • This is a free download mobile application.

Weatheria App: This unique mobile application is the most beautifully designed app. It has vibrant photo based wallpaper in the background when downloaded. This background wall paper keeps on changing on its own. It has all the features that appear on the smartphone’s screen once downloaded.

If there is going to be dust storm, a similar design shall appear on the mobile screen. For instance, when it is going to rain, the droplets are formed on the mobile screen; this is just one example. This weather app has the ability to change its graphic as per the weather conditions prevailing in the set location.

Weather Helper App: As the name suggests, this is actually a weather helper and a weather driven app. It has a color-driven interface that depends on weather. If it is warm, background gets orange color; when it becomes cold, the application receives a blue tint. It is supported on all IOS and android mobiles.

Weather App UI: This is another weather app, which is an utterly visual treat for all the eyes. When something is downloaded in a smartphone and it turns out to be beautifully designed and creatively presented on the phone, it naturally tends to attract interest of all. Similar is the case with this application. It visualizes all the weather conditions and changes its screen color accordingly; thus, giving the eyes a beautiful visual treats.

These beautifully designed apps let people know several details required by on-the-go folk just like me. Let me know how they work in the comments!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.