Three fun company outing suggestions that will reinvigorate your team

Is your company experiencing a slump in performance lately? If yes, then it is high time that you paid some much-needed attention to your employee’s body language as that will speak volumes of why your establishment’s performance has dropped considerably. Too much work and too little time for leisure can slash the employee’s morale and productivity in half and if you want them to start working at their optimum levels once more, then company outings is one retreat to make this possible.

According to Mashable, company outings might not appear as an investment at first because of the funds you will be required to spend, but you will notice the dividends it pays out in the future. In order to get started and give your employees the vacation that they deserve, here are some suggestions that you can take into consideration.

  1. 1. A location that exudes ‘peace and quiet’

When you want to stop looking at your computer screen, smartphone and the corporate environment as a whole, and just want some peace and quiet, secluded locations are the best way to help replenish your employee’s energy bar. If you budget is within a healthy limit, then it is strongly recommend that you choose Wijnspijs as the ideal spot for you and your staff. You never know what you and your employees might be missing.

  1. Bowling

Some organizations just do not have sufficient funds to entertain a trip to a far-off location and that is nothing to be ashamed about because you can always do more with less on your hands. According to Tiny Pulse, bowling is a very good recommendation because it is a sport that if you possess the skills to play or don’t, will always be a fun-fun and win-win situation. For those that do know how to play, their competitive animal can always resurrect and there’s always much more fun to seeing an intensive rivalry unravel during the actual play.

  1. Nice and clean BBQ dinner

If an outing is not what you’re looking for and just want to seek proper bonding time with your employees, then how about a properly planned BBQ dinner? The condition is that the location should be your home since the employee will feel more welcomed that their boss is giving them an invitation to their humble abode. Sometimes, the only time to have fun is at someone’s home; you never know how effective a laughing session with your co-workers may be until you’ve tried it by yourself.

Here’s a fun fact for you; keeping an experienced employee for a longer period of time will reward you greatly. Since he or she is already familiar with the workings of the organization, less time will be wasted in showing the ropes to a brand new one, meaning productivity in a particular section of the company will be maintained. However, if you want to see this enthusiasm from employees, then company outings are a gateway to seeing your organization being run properly.

Melissa Thompson
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