Top 5 Home Improvement Blogs in 2019

Our homes are something that we love and want to be warm and consoling when we return to them. Decorating our homes is a daunting task that does take time. Along with that, some people like to keep making changes so that their homes do not feel boring or dull after a while.

Blogs are one of the best ways to gather information about things and so here we will talk about five of the best home improvement blogs. We think that they do require a mention so that people can get help from them when they are decorating their new homes or even reassembling the old one.

DIY Show Off:

These days, people like to do the job on their own. Roeshel also believes in that, and so she runs this home improvement blog that mainly focuses on DIY projects. The blog has a very clean looking aesthetic. Every post has great details to it so that the reader has a wholesome idea about the thing that they will undertake. She also makes her presence known to us in the very sweet blog. If you are looking for some decent handyman services then its good that you look forward to details given in the below url :


Curbly is another home improvement blog that we think you should know. It is for the new age people who want to make their home aesthetically pleasing even at a budget. The blog includes everything from DIY projects to gardening to makeover tips to IKEA hacks. All of these are very important when you are trying to maintain a home. The people who write for the blog are well informed, and they beautifully present everything.

Urban Gardens:

A huge part of the world population resides in cities where they have a space crunch and have to reside in apartment buildings. This blog knows this problem, and they want to help people to include gardens in their homes. They inform you of the ways to include greenery and find the right place to do that. They include tonnes of information on each of their post so that people get motivated to be a part of the different projects.

Centsational Girl:

Kate is a very talented woman who works in the home renovation and decorating industry. So, it is evident that she has a ton of experience with making homes right. She uploads posts that talk about her recent projects, and she writes about DIY projects that people can do at their homes. This blog has a bonus section of travel as well which will excite people who are interested in it.

How to Next for Less:

Money is always a concern when people are looking forward to work on their home. The motto of the blog is just that, and they soar to help people with projects that look amazing but do not cost much. The blog has posted on all types of home improvement projects, and they have a special section for holidays. We think that they are a great source for doable projects.

So, here are the five blogs dealing with the home improvement that you should follow. They will inspire you to make your home even more appealing in a creative yet affordable way.

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