What Makes an Ideal Real Estate Property Portal?

With each passing day, the real estate sector gets more complicated. The involvement of extensive paperwork, number of stakeholders, and regulatory authorities make it difficult for the layman to understand the procedures. To simplify the procedure, realtors invest in web-based software so they can also move their business one-step ahead.

Thanks to the evolution of property portals, realtors have the power to advertise their property listings to a large number of buyers or investors. Home seekers get the ability to find houses for sale or rent in their preferred areas. However, not all property portals offer the same level of utility and value.

Since we check the credibility of any product or service through its features and usability, a property portal is no different. There are some features that should be present in any portal, known as benchmarks. Here are some of the most important features.

home for sale.
home for sale.. Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Complete Information on the Property

When online property portals were first designed, they were supposed to overcome the need to visit a home. It was not only about advertisements but providing convenience and comfort to property seekers.

A property listing available on the property portal should include all the information including pictures, videos, amenities, and everything possible. In this manner, it will be able to deliver the true picture of the property, thus helping more people generate the information that they are looking for.

Inclusion of Latest Technology

Without incorporating the latest technologies, no property portal can gain popularity with its visitors. For example, ilaan.com – a real estate property portal from Pakistan has incorporated drone footage that gives a complete overview of the surrounding areas of a property.

This feature has created waves of excitement in the region and other property portals are following it to remain in the competition.

Front End Listing Submission

Front end listing submissions may not be a compulsory feature, but it is one of the most popular because it empowers the visitors to post their listings. This feature improves the usability of the website as well as increases a seller’s chances of making more revenue. Once the website starts gaining traffic, a website owner can implement this feature to make the site more engaging.

Search Filters

Search filters are a must-have for any property portal. It makes it easier for visitors to browse property listings in the area of their choice in a certain price range. There are different filters, including prices, areas, property types, number of rooms, and many others. These search filters will enhance the portal and make it more user-friendly.

The ultimate intention of any property portal is to offer utility to visitors, while empowering them to find properties for sale/purchase in their desired areas. Again, ilaan.com has all of these features along with many others that are contributing to its monumental success in the region. By including these features, one can create a highly effective property portal that will be good enough to stay on top of the competition.