How the Summer Heat Affects Garage Doors

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. More people will be spending time outdoors and in the garage. One thing garage owners overlook is how the warmer weather will affect their garage doors.

Heat and humidity can cause a number of issues that need to be considered and addressed before the season.

Direct Sunlight

In most cases, garage doors are in the path of direct sunlight for several hours each day. As temperatures rise outdoors, temperatures rise inside the garage. Over time, the heat can affect the garage’s electrical components. When sensors and electrical components go haywire, garage door repair may be required.

Along with damage from the heat itself, the sun’s rays can also play tricks on garage door sensors. These sensors let the door know that it needs to go up to avoid crashing down onto something. But a beam of light can trick the sensor into thinking something is there when it isn’t. The confusion can lead to the garage door opening up randomly and for no apparent reason.

To resolve the problem, aluminum foil or cardboard can be placed on the sensors to protect them from direct sunlight.


Humidity can cause a variety of problems with garage doors. Warm, humid weather can cause garage doors to stick or move in a jerking motion. Garage door lubricant can help prevent or fix this problem.

Fading Paint

Exposure to UV rays can also cause garage door paint to fade over time. Faded paint won’t affect the door’s functionality, but it will affect its appearance.

A fresh coat of paint or stain may be required to fix this problem.

Power Outages and Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are more common during the summer months, and they can lead to unexpected power outages. Garage doors should be able to stand up to most storms, but a loss of power could prevent anyone from getting in or out of the garage.

Homeowners should know how to manually open their garage doors in case of a power outage. A battery backup system can also help ensure that the garage door can continue operating as normal even when the power is out.

Garage doors are designed to withstand extreme weather, but the summer heat can still do a number on their electrical components. Taking steps to protect these components and prepare for summer weather can help prevent unnecessary repairs and costs

Melissa Thompson
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