Four Popular Basement Design Styles

Having a basement is a big deal for homes across the country. In fact, according to recent research, homeowners budgeted an average of $17,500 to renovate their basement. While the reasons aren’t clear for this, experts believe it may be due to the fact that instead of moving out as soon as they reach adulthood, young people are living at home longer. In fact, one in three young adults in Canada live with at least one parent. Basements can be renovated to provide a viable living space for these young adults who either can’t afford to move out, or they decide to move back home.

For other homeowners, their basement offers an extra space to relax and unwind, especially when their basement contains a theater-like home entertainment system. No matter what the reason for Toronto basement renovations, here are four popular basement design styles.

1. Contemporary

A basement with a contemporary design will most likely contain lots of curved lines and neutral colors with a focus on function as well as form. A basement with a contemporary design might also include an open floor plan with a walk-up wet bar, living room area, and gaming area.

2. Transitional

For homeowners who like the look of traditional mixed with contemporary, a transitional design is classic-looking and timeless, which could be the perfect design for their basement. Neutral colors, interesting textures, and a minimalist approach to accessories will complete the look of a basement with a transitional design style.

3. Rustic

For homeowners who want to embrace the rugged, natural beauty of the great outdoors, a rustic design style is the way to go. Basements that are rustic-looking will need nature-inspired textures, earthy colors, and an organic warmth to complete the look. This can be done by using plank wood floors, an inviting fireplace, and a custom wood bar countertop with matching wooden chairs.

4. Traditional

Homeowners who want a more comfortable yet classic look to their basement will want to go with a traditional design style. They may want to include certain elements, such as upholstered matching furniture pieces and colors that aren’t too bright. A traditional basement should be comfortable for any age group and may include a large fireplace surrounded by stone.

No matter which of these design styles is the preferred choice, homeowners can renovate their basement to suit all of their needs.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.