Chinese Investors Are Targeting Dubai Properties

A huge number of investments from China are currently powering different markets across the globe. We see an increase in the number of Chinese investors entering the tech market in the US. The same increase can also be seen in various other industries across the US and Europe.

In the latest shift, many Chinese investors are starting to pour money into the Dubai property market. This signals a strong comeback for the property markets as a whole; it also presents the perfect opportunity for other investors to join the excitement.

A Staggering Contribution

According to the latest report by Dubai’s DLD (Dubai Land Department), investments from China have accounted for more than AED 10 billion over the past four years. That’s a substantial chunk of Dubai’s property market. Experts believe the stream of investments from China is just the beginning.

In fact, the majority of increase and growth in Dubai’s property market can be attributed to the investments from China as well as other parts of Asia. Investors from the US are more careful about entering a new property market, especially after the 2008 crisis.

Dubai attracts Chinese investors with its reputation as a safe and attractive destination for international property investment. It will not be surprising to find the trend of investing in the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, continuing to grow stronger as we continue on in 2017. There are more opportunities to explore too.

Strong Capital Gains

There are several reasons why Dubai is an interesting destination for those looking for property investment opportunities. For starters, there is a growing demand for apartments for rent in Dubai as seen on Investors are now making more properties available for rent to meet the demand and enjoy a substantial short-term gain.

On top of that, the growth in value of Dubai properties is among the strongest in the world. After the 2008 crisis, Dubai’s property market was the first to bounce back with its mega-million projects and attractive investment climate.

Aside from the high yield, investors are also drawn by the relatively low costs of investment in Dubai. The country is still very much a tax heaven for foreign investors. Property prices are also at their best, even in today’s competitive market.

All of these factors add up. Dubai is a destination to look into if you are serious about making investments in property.

Joining the Excitement

There is no better time to invest than today. The DLD recently issued a statement reminding investors and future property owners to work with licensed realtors only.

“Our mission is to create a secure and sustainable real estate environment in Dubai, and this informs all of our operations and services,” said Yousif Al Hashimi, a DLD official. Al Hashimi further explained that licensed realtors can help investors do the necessary checks, including verifying ownership and other details about the property.

The market will continue to grow for years to come. There are a lot of stunning projects currently underway, which means there are plenty of investment opportunities to grab and benefit from.