Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort and Spa – A Refuge for Tourists

Just one and a half hours south of San Diego, there’s a beautiful rustic Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort, where guests enjoy the Hacienda Hotel. This hotel is surrounded by several golf courses with an ocean view, a spa and a restaurant.

Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort and Spa is situated on 1000 acres.

It is here where I met Mario Garcia the General Manager and Rudy Mellado, the Golf Pro, who gave this reporter a tour. The rustic feeling of the Hacienda Bajamar Hotel and the lush green golf courses gives tourist and locals tranquility. In fact,many Americans have made their second home at the resort.

There are brand new three-bedroom, three-bath homes, with marble floors and the latest appliances, overlooking the greens.

Mario Garcia, Pete Allman and Rudy Mellado.
Mario Garcia, Pete Allman and Rudy Mellado.

What is most enjoyable about the resort however, is the friendly staff and the quaint feeling guests enjoy.

The Restaurant, Dos Logos and the Sport Bar, La Trampa are the center of wonderful cuisine and some great entertainment.

For folks who enjoy spa relaxation, the spa at Bajamar has an excellent staff. The Hotel Hacienda style of XVIII late century decoration of Mexican Haciendas is one that receives compliments from guests around the world.

There are seventy one standard rooms and sixteen junior suites, which sell out quickly, especially in the summer months.

bajamar near dusk.
Bajamar near dusk, looking in towards the foyer.

Weddings, Corporate Functions and Concerts

The perfect setting for weddings, corporate functions and concerts, Bajamar has the Infinity Center which has six thousand fifty square feet of convention space with an ocean view. It overlooks the concert area which holds more than five thousand people. With this paradise away from home, there’s excellent twenty-four-hour security.

bajamar outside tables.
Bajamar outside tables.

Families visiting Bajamar have the utmost security and privacy.

For reservations call 1-888-311-6076 or Mexico 01 800 -025-4075. For information on homes for sale and lots, email [email protected].

Bajamar golf green.
Bajamar golf green.
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