Prosci Study With 426 Organizations Reveals Key Success Factors for Government and Corporate Change

Prosci Research’s fifth longitudinal study shows a direct correlation between meeting project objectives and managing the people side of change. More than 400 project leaders and change management practitioners representing organizations from 59 countries share lessons learned and key success factors in this new benchmarking study.

“Projects with excellent change management programs met or exceeded objectives 88% of the time, while projects with poor change management met or exceeded objectives only 17% of the time,” stated Tim Creasey, Prosci’s Director of Research and Development and co-editor of the new study.

The 2007 edition of the report titled “Best Practices in Change Management” (ISBN 978-1-930885-55-4) looks at the most critical change management activities, the biggest mistakes and what project teams would do differently next time.

It should be noted that the Best Practices in Change Management study is updated each year.

prosci change management study

2018 Update: Since the first edition released in 2002, the organization’s 2018 Edition culminates two decades of investigation, research and insights collected from almost 6,300 participants across 84 countries. This 2018 edition has more than 350 pages, and more than 300 tables and figures. It is a comprehensive report that covers a broad range of change topics, which include the following:

  • Employee engagement
  • Portfolio management
  • Greatest contributors to success and common obstacles
  • Change management methodology, job roles, structure, resources and budget
  • Assessing change readiness and change management effectiveness
  • Integrating project management and change management
  • Common change management practice areas: sponsorship, manager engagement, communications, training, resistance management, and reinforcement
  • Advanced application of change management to complex and unique changes
  • Change saturation and portfolio management
  • Building enterprise change capability
  • Challenges and adaptations for vertical industries

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