Dr. Geoffrey Tobias to Present New Closed Rhinoplasty Techniques At The Annual ASAPS and Rhinoplasty Meetings Held In San Diego In April

Dr. Geoffrey Tobias is the only New York surgeon who exclusively performs closed rhinoplasty surgery. This type of rhinoplasty enhances the natural beauty of an individual while maintaining a deep sense of identity. He performs these feats using state-of-the-art, modern facilities and is assisted by only the most experienced anesthesiologists in the business. He is best known for performing surgeries without scarring and with minimal pain and recovery.

During the Rhinoplasty Society annual meeting held in San Diego on April 27th, Dr. Tobias will moderate coordinated professional efforts to universally improve the quality of rhinoplasty. Dr. Tobias is uniquely qualified for this task as one of the premier nasal surgeons in the New York and New Jersey regions and was chosen from a collective pool of the most respected rhinoplasty specialists in the world.

Dr. Tobias will then use his nuanced skills and wealth of experience to teach during the annual meeting of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) meeting, also held in San Diego, on April 28th. These meetings are designed to advance cosmetic plastic surgery through a series of intellectually stimulating educational courses, scientific programs and social events catering to the most qualified, board-certified and admired plastic surgeons.

In celebration of his achievements in the surgical field of rhinoplasty, Dr. Tobias recently commissioned a new interface for his website in order to facilitate easier navigation after an exponential increase in traffic due to an expanding client base. The new layout should better showcase his achievements in nasal cosmetic surgery and provide insight into his celebrated refinements to existing modern innovations in the field while answering commonly asked questions prior to office visits.

Dr. Tobias has a long list of credentials for his distinguished service to the field of rhinoplasty. He was elected president of the Rhinoplasty Society and served gracefully from 2014 to 2015. The American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery awarded him with the nation’s Top Research Award. New York Magazine has recognized him as a “Best Doctor” for twelve years. He passionately teaches other doctors from coast to coast in the United States in order to further understanding of his personal philosophy for elegance and precision in beauty. The list goes on and on.

Dr. Tobias also routinely works with high-profile patients who wish to remain anonymous and provides prompt, convenient and discreet counseling prior to the scheduling of surgery. Patients widely praise him for a heightened level of comfort and safety before, during, and after completion of his work. They also cherish his empathy toward patients and his artistically-inclined, perfectionist’s attitude for his craft.

Dr. Geoffrey Tobias began his education in the artistic discipline at Tufts University before transitioning toward science and medicine, a field he found even more engrossing and worthy of his artistic skills.

For more information about Dr. Tobias please visit his website: http://www.rhinoplasty.com/

Dr. Geoffrey Tobias.
Dr. Geoffrey Tobias.

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